how to have a deep sill/stool with 4 in thick wall

M_N_AMarch 29, 2013

We are doing a kitchen Addition project. We want to have a deep sill/stool with the window so we can put some plants etc, like this one

the wall 4 inch thick.

1. one idea is to have a bigger stool but it will stick out too much like a shelf and block the kitchen faucet
2. if no stool sticking out, what's the max dept we can get? 2.5 inch or so?
3. is there anything we can do framing-wise (not to add additional square ft though), so extra space could be allowed?


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Like a garden window?

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Sort of depends on the size of the rough opening, but a bay window would work. You'd need to build a little roof structure over it on the exterior.

Would offer plenty of depth for 'stuff'. But having this 'stuff' in your window is going to end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Not sure what your overall situation is, but a simple window box on the outside with some flowers planted in it would provide you with something to look at. Could hang a basket from a hook on the outside as well.

Probably quite a few wall mounted hangers to put say an orchid in etc. for inside.

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In a kitchen a garden works very well.

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i am not looking for garden window or bow window. just a deeper sill. for herbs etc

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What type of window is there currently?

You, in theory, could fur the window out a bit to add to the wall depth.

There would be some additional trim and carpentry work required on the exterior but just about anything is possible.

Any pictures of the current window exterior?

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Making the walls thicker would work anf you could get more insulation on the exterior walls.You may be able to push the window out some , how much depends on what you are doing on the exterior.
Stool depth will depend on which brand of window you use , whether or not it has a nail fin, and what type of nail fin is used.

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You could have your carpenter custom make a deep stool.

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