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ltlredwagonMarch 29, 2010

I'm required to replace 15 windows in a mountain home (5,000 ft. elevation). My wife is chemically sensitive, so this is a concern with regard to the new types of windows - vinyl, fiberglass, etc.. I'm not interested in hearing from dealers, but I would love to hear from homeowners who have had new windows installed, especially anyone who is sensitive to chemicals.

I would think that vinyl windows would off-gas. I would think that 100% fiberglass would NOT off-gas, but I've read a few comments by others suggesting that fiberglass does off-gas somewhat and/or that fiberglass windows are coated with an "acrylic capstock" to block UV radiation and that this off-gasses. There are also fiberglass exterior/wood interior windows and metal clad/wood interior windows. I don't know if these windows use adhesives that off-gas.

Of course, I understand that window installation may involve caulking, adhesives, primer, paint, etc. and that one needs to be careful about this.

Would love to hear from anyone with good or bad experiences. Especially more recent installations as I know that vinyl and fiberglass tech is changing. Thanks.


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Windows on Washington

We have had several clients that have lung sensitivity issues that have never reported issues with either.

UPVC (the vinyl used in windows) is much less subject to off gassing when compared to PVC (flexible...i.e. show curtains).

Fiberglass is a nice option and I have yet to hear of any complaints in the finish of fiberglass off gassing.

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