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Calamity_JJuly 25, 2009

What's with me?!!! I have a real Nursery Theme goin' on in my head!!! I was on the Garden Junk as usual of late, and saw someones birdouse made from an old boot, with a great little roof...well, I can't seem to let go of the idea of a big old boot made the riana way(about 3ftlongx4fthigh), with a nice cedar shingle roof...that lifts off so I could put lighting inside!!! Maybe GOG windows....Maybe closeline wire for I getting crazy or what!?!(It could have it's own little garden with picket fence..etc...)

I already have a pond, Humpty(and his brick wall:nuther Fairytale theme),Chihuahua Plaque, and a bug(haven't figured out what yet, but got these cool antenae looking thingslol!)and front entry to mosaic(just got some stones to go with the slate), the Yoda, and last but not least...The Throne!!!!That's 8 things and I am gardening/landscaping too!!! Not to mention the 2 pergolas I want to build!!!lol! I'M CRRRAAAZZZYYY!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Calamity, that sounds really cool. Gotta check out that garden junk forum sometime.. well.. maybe not, don't need other ideas, just need to clone myself or channel some SLOW.. LOL

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I guess you are reliving your Mother Goose childhood. Cute tho. I think the boot or shoe is a fun idea. Make it big and add a door to store tools. LOL

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Wow! 2 great Slow...and make it a tool shed!!! YES!!!(And in that order!!!lol!)

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Your mind doesn't ever sleep either. What a great idea, CALAM - The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - I can just see this, and all it entails. I'm anxiously awaiting pics of your chair. You workin' on it???

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Alas, today I worked like a dog on my pond,(You and I are both working on water features, Slow!) built a rickety retaining wall...that caved in by the 10 wheelbarrow loads of dirt I put behind it...just can't seem to wanna do anything right, just wanna easier faster way, and so now I'm worse off than when I started! With too many bad words under my breath! I am planning on working on my chair tonight and tomorrow tho.

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That sounds SOOOooooo cute Calamity!! The Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe was my all time favorite Mother Goose story growing up so I could imagine every detail as you were describing it.....BUT you left out one unique detail. You GOTTA have a stained glass window in the side of the boot! Don't forget us little people....we want to see pics!


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So many little time. What's a girl to do? I love the shoe idea. Hope to see pictures if you ever find the time.

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I love all the Riana projects that are going on. I see nothing crazy in this group of creative minds.

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Oh, Jane. I'm so sorry your retaining wall fell apart. What a lot of work. I know you'll just start again though after you get over the upset and it'll be ok.

I love the giant BOOT! Do it! It'll fit in perfectly with your whimsical theme.

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I just read about yur wall Calam...I am so sorry!!!!! Get over w/the anger and get back at it girl!!!! Life goes on and all those awful things just makes us stronger (so they say) I sometimes wonder but gotta go with the flow I guess. (Not much else you can do) Your boot idea sounds WAY COOL!!!!Can't wait to see it!!!! Good Luck girl!!!!

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Addiesue, I am planning on gog windows for it!!! I could even cut the glass to be domed-like cathedral looking!!! Oh, maybe a person sitting at the window(shadow), so it looks like the old lady looking out in the evening!!! This could have all kinds of possibilities...a covered porch at the front door, a chimney on the roof, a little yard with garden art....oh, maybe a bottle tree in the yard!!!lol! A tree with a swing...hmmm, gotta find a little tricycle!!!lol! I have a little red wagon!!! Oh...this could be good...Real good!!!!!heh heh! Sheesh, and Humpty isn't even finished yet, his front is done mostly, and will have to turn him upside down to do his bottom, then mosaic him, and I have the base for his wall poured...but haven't done the bricks's sooo hot here and I am helterscelter all over the yard trying to do stuff that is in the shade!!!ha! I've decided that I Gotta do the Chihuahua as a GOG!!! DD is here(he's actually her dog, that gramma got stuck raising!lol)recuperating from a tooth extraction, and she Loved the idea of a GOG in a light up box or cabinet. Ya, I've taken a few days off doing stuff, but I will get "over" it and get back atter!!! Thanks Everyone!!!

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