Mushroom WIP

texasfernJuly 2, 2008

I've had this light cover for years and finally found just the right base to make a mushroom.

I just posted one pic here with link to rest. There are 6 pictures and they are kinda large.

I'm going to grout some of the areas on the base.

The light cover I am putting the tessy stuff on the inside as it has texture on the outside.

I'm using Weldbond, it will dry clear and this won't go outside.

It is for my oldest son and his fiance. She loves mushrooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mushroom WIP

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Oh, that does it! I've GOT to make some mushrooms! That is the greatest. What good ideas you used! It's wonderful! I got some great ideas from your photos. Thanks for posting them!

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Looking good! I like all the different tessearae you have on there! I bet she is really going to love this!

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great idea.
I love your hot pink bar stool, is it grouted or is the paint just showing through?

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LOL! I haven't grouted yet. I made it months ago, and lost a piece of the tessy stuff, so I put it in the shed.
Well, as I was going thru glass for the mushroom I found a whole jar of the black glass! I'm gonna fix it and grout.
I am planning on a pink grout, colored with acrylic paint.

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LOVE your idea for the mushroom! Maybe I should give up on trying to make one of concrete and use one or tow of the clear vases and light covers in the garage! I so want to have some in the yard before winter! Can't wait to see this progress..... Thanx for the idea!


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I don't know what happened. Here is the picture (I hope).

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ohhh thats one snazzy fungus!

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