Is it safe to hang a chandelier this way?

springwaterJanuary 3, 2010

I have a reproduction post and beam houseÂceilings full of beams. I want to hang a chandelier in the LR of the first floor. However, I have no dead space in my ceiling for an electrical box to hardwire my chandelier. My LR ceiling on the first floor is natural wood with beams--there is a layer of plywood on top of the wooden ceiling and then another layer of wooden boards on top of that which makes up the floor of the second story. Think of it like an Oreo cookie--plywood sandwiched between two layers of wooden boards. The whole thing is about 2 inches thick. In previous rooms on this floor where there are chandeliers the plywood was routed out to accept the electrical wire to hardwire the chandeliers but we are now post construction so no routing is possible now. IÂve thought of bringing up an electrical cord--plugged into an outlet in the LR bookcase, threading the cord up through this bookcase which reaches the ceiling--and then continuing the cord along ceiling beam(s) to the chandelier. However, this cord running along the beam(s) is going to look terrible. Can I just run some wooden half round stained to match the beams over this cord or is that not code? If I can hide the cord then I can just hang my chandelier from a hook like they would have done in the colonial days but with a switch in the cord to turn the chandelier off and on. Not my method of choice but I have bought the chandelier for this room and want to use it here. Any advice?

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You don't want to do what you are proposing. No, it's not code to do your wiring with electrical cord.

Consider surface wiring systems: Wire Mold is one brand.

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But table lamps use electrical cords (with and without integral switches) that plug into a wall outlet so how is this different except it would be just a longer cord to the chandelier? The 8 light bulbs which will be used in the chandelier won't be more than 7 1/2 watts each so it's not like it would be drawing a lot of current. I have not seen Wire Mold but isn't it more for taping on a wall then painting over it. I don't see it working on my wooden beamed ceiling. What to do?

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Ron Natalie

Among your problems is the desire to bury it in the house structure (even if it is molding). You must use an approved wiring system and cords are NOT it.

An electrician with a clue can do what you want to concealed approved wiring.

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You have me convinced that I need expert advice which I will get. Hopefully there is a type of wire that can be aesthetically concealed thus solving this problem. Thanks!

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