rice17March 27, 2011

We are going to be replacing some windows in our home and I am not sure if we should get single or double hung. When you have a double hung window can you open the top and lock the bottom closed? I would think it would be much safer this way, if it's not possible to lock the bottom closed why would we want to get double hung?

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So you can tilt both sashes in for easy cleaning. Not a big deal if your house is only one floor but really important if it has 2 or more floors. In addition, if the glass breaks or the seal fails on the top sash, it easy to replace it on a double hung and something you could do yourself in less than 30 seconds. With a single hung, you will likely have to pay a professional to do it for you at a charge.

Why is this thread titled "february"?

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That is the primary benefit to a double hung...cleaning and ventilation from the top.

If neither of those are of benefit to you, the Single Hung will usually be a bit tighter and cheaper.

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