plantation shutters impossible for tilt in windows?

flseadogMarch 27, 2009

We already have installed windows that will tilt in for cleaning. A friend just told me I can't have plantation shutters because the framing for the shutter will interfere with the tilt in function. (Also, we have really nice casing around the windows so I can't/won't do an outside mount for the shutters). Does anyone know if there is a way around this limitation? I measured today and I don't know the proper term for this but the "frame" that separates the tilt in portion of the window from the casing is at least 1/2" all around the window. Is it possible to get plantation shutters that will mount within this 1/2" area? I had my heart set on plantation shutters and now I'm really sorry about getting the tilt in windows.

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If I read you correctly, it's not so much the 1/2" you are talking about, but the shutters when they are folder back. When you want to open the window, the shutters will be folded back, right? They usually concertina back on themselves so, if there are shutters left and right they will be bunched up to the left of the frame and the right, which will interfere with the windows opeing.

I'm not sure I've ever seen windows that tilt IN - is that so you can clean them only, or can you tilt them in when you want ventilation? Sort of like reverse hopper windows I guess.

They might still open a little, if that was enough but they will bump up against the shutter. If you open the window then want to close the shutters, that might cause problems too.

I would suggest going to a plantation shutter showroom, take a few photos of your windows with you, then look and see how the shutters in the showroom are mounted. The people there may have some suggestions, too.

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