broken cam in simonton window (sears)

duk748March 23, 2010

hello - this weekend while clenaning the upper window on my double hung window i had the top half down - after tilting it in and cleaning it i snapped it back into the frame & started to push the window back up & a piece that holds the window up inplace broke in the track in the side frame - now the top half of the window will only stay up if the window is closed & locked - i contacted simonton about this wanting to buy the parts but was told that i must contact sears to get parts or info - the windows are roughly 10-12 years old - would anyone have any info or help regarding how i can get parts - sears seems to have no clue about this

any help would be greatly apprecaited - thank you in advance

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First, I would check and make sure the cam is positioned properly. The cam is oval rather than round and a common problem homeowners have is closing the window without the pivot pin securely in the cam. If this is the problem, all you need is a large flathead screwdriver to insert into the cam and twist it counter-clockwise.

If that's not the problem, I would just contact a local Simonto distributor who can be found by using the "dealer locator" on Simonton's website. Simonton has used the same "Denny Clip" on all their double-hung windows since 1980 so any Simonton dealer should be able to provide you with one.

I would also press Sears to fix it as I believe their warranty covers this type of repair. You will need to find you local Sears contractor. Don't try and get it fixed through a Sears retail store.

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hello again & thank you so much for the help - i really do not know if the cam is the right part - i have a broken piece laying in the inside sill that i could post a pic of to make sure - it sounds like the denny clip is what i want - it has been a b____ trying to get some help & so glad this forum exists w/ such good people on board - i dread dealing w/ sears though - once again i thank you

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