MW Windows - Whats your take

schoolsoutMarch 3, 2007

I'm building a new home and my builder is strongly recommending vinyl windows by MW. I've never even heard of them. I'm familiar with Marvin, Pella and Anderson of course and I'm wondering if anyone has any comments or experiences with MW (thought all vinyl was mostly for replacement windows).

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

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There is an MW window listed on the Web. Located in Va. They carry windows of various materials. Check them out and compare specs and warranty.
Vinyl windows come in many levels of quality and various fabricating methods. Many of which are poor.

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The Wood Vinyl Clad windows aren't worth the money and hassel. Judging from their Warranty it only covers a few months after purchase. Unfortunately due to the poor inferior product, we are in the process of replacing 16 windows 3 of those triple ones. If you could only view our beautiful home with these horrible windows you would run to another company. We built our new home 9 yrs ago. There are broken seals in 8 of the window glass panes, moisture has seeped in, wood sills actually has fallen apart in the master bedroom. Can't open them to clean, tilt in, because the plastic rails inside are cracked and breaking apart in pieces. I could continue, but you have the picture and one opinion on M & W Windows. Good luck in you adventure of a new home. Look, look, investigate and look again before you make the M&W brand. My wife and I are retired and facing this huge expense because we believed the salesman about the windows.

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Run as fast as you can:). Listen to trike above. Our house is 12 years old--28 windows--ALL have failed. We also have had numerous broken seals, as well as rotted sills. ALL the top windows (on the double hung) have slipped at least 1/2 inch while still locked. We have tried caulking, extra weatherstripping, etc..and nothing has worked on the drafts. Coupled with the broken seals and ensuing condensation, we now have rotting sills and rust stains on our paint. We are researching replacements which is how I ended up here. I have heard great things about Eagle, Schuco, and Loewen. Today, we had a Pella rep visit and she says they love M&W windows because it keeps her family fed (with replacing them with Pella of course). In fact, she was just walking up my sidewalk and said, I see you have M&W windows!--prior to getting a close-up view or my rantings about them.

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I suppose by this time you have already taken care of your windows,but I selected MW windowsas I was only replacing my sashes. My frame, sill, etc. are in excellent shape after 45 years. They did send me out 6 new top sashes, bcuz a few dents in the wood, etc. They are very easy to install, time consuming to paint, though, but I wanted wood. I have friends who have built new homes (one home cost 1.5MM to build) and had many issues w/Pella, same w/a less exp. home to build. All in all I am not sure any mfgr. does a great job anymore. Read up and cross your fingers!

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I have MW Windows which were installed when my home was built in 1991.

Cons: The seal at the bottom of the sash does not stay in, falls our eventually, leaving a slight draft. I don't mind a slight draft because I am a firm believer too tight a house equates to radon gas. They do not tilt, but I find that over-rated since I have a brush on a pole that I scrub from the outside and am done all windows in a hour.

The Pros: They are real wood. Vinyl does not hold up very long from what I have read. Fiberglass is better but costs like 4x more. They look nice, if the staining fades just wax it and it comes back like new.

Would I use them in a new home? I'd check to see if Fiberglass windows were more affordable, if not then Yes I'd buy them again.

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Why not - resurrect an old thread. We owned 2 houses built in 1993 with all wood MW windows - no real issues. Each house had 1 rotted sash. We sold both houses in 2008 and only 1 of the windows were caught on inspection. $50 bought a new sash. It couldn't pop right in because they had trimmed out the window wrong. So the trim had to come off. We also had some fogging but only in 1/2 circle windows.

These windows were tilt out and double hung.

We built new and installed essentially the same MW windows. I never noticed a problem with the bottom seal but I'd expect any seal to fail eventually. I'm sure a replacement was/is available to the above posted for a couple of bucks. But since he is radon paranoid and doesn't care about wasting energy, then it seems to work for him.

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A good vinyl window will outlast and out perform any wood window. At least 70% of the windows we replace are wood windows less than 25 years old. Most quality vinyl windows carry transferable lifetime warranties.

Fiberglass IS NOT 4x more expensive than wood. If anything it's either about the same as a good quality wood window or at the most just slightly more.

Perhaps you have read incorrect information similar to what you just passed along.

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I just had a house remodeled after a fire. old single pain aluminum windows were replaced with the vinyl MW window. look good seem to work well. it is a huge improvement to what was there. But i would have to say i'm sure they are on the cheaper side of the window world. after all it was an insurance contractor that suggested that these windows be used. and i said what the hell they are better that whats there now. i'd really have to say one vinyl window is as good as the next. just depends on whose name you wanna buy.

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All vinyl windows are no where near all the same. That's like saying all automobile tires are all the same because they are all round, black and have tread. Windows are vastly different in regards to structure, vinyl thickness and quality, energy efficiency, water penetration, air infiltration, solar gain rating, u-factors etc.

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