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bettycbowenJuly 11, 2011

It is impossible to work outside in this weather, so that is forcing me to work on my backsplash;0 -- which, from searching the archives here, I seem to have started in April of '08 HAHAHAHA

I'm focusing on totally completely and forever finishing the left 1/3 this week (and last). I lack the strip across the bottom, one little spot, and the ugly ugly switchplate.

I've been admiring the switchplates in the archives, like the ones youall did in PV. I'm searching for switchplates that are flat against the wall so the thickness of the smalti won't be so hard to deal with.

Here's a progress pic

better view of one of the ugggly switchplates

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wow! YOur splash is beautiful. I've been wondering the same thing myself about switchplates so I'm eager for answers. A book I have uses regular switch plates, but i don't understand why they are not too thick to operate the switch.

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Oh, I had forgotten about this wonderful backsplash,BETTY. Absolutely beautiful. You know you can make your own switchplate from thin plywood, doncha? I've seen some wonderfully elaborate switchplates cut from wood - all kinds of designs. Just use your regular plate as a pattern, cut it out, and viola - a custom switchplate. OR, if you have a grinder, grind down those beveled edges on your existing plate to make it lie flat. If the plug sits too far out, that can be recessed a bit more too.

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Really beautiful and very cool design.

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Beautiful design. Good luck on the switch palte.

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Wow, that's absolutely beautiful. You're inspiring me to try something like that myself. But we have a habit of moving every 10 years or so. Don't know if I could pick up and leave a beautiful creation like that.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words & encouragement. This last push really strained my attention span. I tell my students that a big part of making art is having the discipline to keep trudging through the parts that are manual labor. So I had to put that into practice!

loribee, this is the house my late parents built in '54, and we have totally remodeled. I'm not going anywhere.

Below is the newest picture - from yesterday - I finished the little narrow strip down to the countertop. I'm still not satisfied with the transition (or sad lack of it) from the highly textured smalti to the flat boring stuff I put right behind the sink for water-practicality.

What I have decided to try is-- I found some clear glass outlet and switch covers. They are intended for back-painting or decopauge. So I will make a piece (on fiberglass mesh) to go where the outlet/switch is, but cut the smalti thinner. Then put the clear cover on the outside. The same website also had peel-and-stick covers for the actual plug parts, so I could make them darker or metal.

I'll definitely post a picture IF it works!!

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Your backsplash is beautiful! I agree, I would have to do something about those switchplates. If you go to Etsy and search for switchplates, there are some really nice ones made of polymer clay, $18 ea. I would mosaic my own and blend them right in with the rest of the backsplash. I would use the cheap plastic ones and not worry about them cracking, etc., because once they're installed on the wall they won't be flexing or moving. Also you can Google switchplates and find ones that are pewter and they will blend in and look better than the ugly beige plastic ones. Post more pics!

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We may have posted at the same time 'cause when I posted, I hadn't seen your latest one, about the clear glass plates. That sounds like a great option. Anxious to see future pics.

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Now I am waiting for those switchplate covers every day! In the meantime this is what I'm working on. The top half is done, I'm just starting the bottom, obviously.

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Love the backsplash! Would love to do mine one of these days... Pretty painting too... right now it's too hot to look at it though. :)

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Oh WOW - what a wonderful painting. Looks complete - impressionistically. This inspires me to start painting again. I used to paint every day - just as I now do w/mosaicing/building.

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The painting is beautiful. Please post a final pic.

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