How to run Teck cable.

Steven_WJanuary 8, 2011

I'm preparing to wire my hot tub using 6/3 Teck cable. I was planning on running it from my panel through the foundation (about 16" from the panel), burying the cable and running it to the hot tub. Because of it's poor bend radius I don't think it would look very good to just drill a hole and pass the cable through the foundation. What is involved in using an LB with the teck to run it through the foundation and make the 90 degree to send it underground? Are there better options than using an LB?

Thanks for any insight you may have.

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There is no real option for combining the teck with an LB. Your best bet would be a waterproof box with waterproof teck fittings on top of the hole.'or yu could either drill the hole on an angle, or try to make a cutout on the bottom of your hole to place most of the radius
Inside the wall. Your other option is of course to do it all in PVC. then you can use the LB like you want. A workable combination of these would be to use NMWU, sleeved with an LB etc. Where it is exposed. Requires greater burial depth/'protection- but may work for you.

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