First GOG Project

excessfroufrouJuly 13, 2010

I usually hang out over at the Garden Junk forum and only lurk here. But,I've been working and working on this window. It was my first time to work with crash glass. It took a lot longer than I expected. I did my blue web design and then went back and filled in with the crash glass, using GEII to glue everything. I decided not to grout it because I think it looks more webby this way. I made the spiders out of glass beads. It has been raining here so I haven't put it in the yard yet. Forgive my photography, the only place I could get enough light was my dressing room and I wanted a pic in front of the mirror too.


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OH MAM OH MAN I LOVE THIS!!!! Frou! You did an amazing job on this...I Totally LOVE those adorable spiders!!!! You must be as patient as a Saint to glue all that crash glass on...I did a small project with it and thought...I am NEVER using this stuff again!lol! It's gonna be soooo pretty out in the yard, you will have to post another picture of it's final spot! I LOVE doing GOG windows, I am building a trellis right now, that will have on it, a big GOG project. I am just waiting for the "inspiration idea" that will tell me what it will always come to me...the ideas, but sometimes it is like the saying: build it, and they will come....! lol! Gosh, I'm just so in Love with those little spiders!!! Good Job!!!

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Feel very proud of yourself. You have created a beautiful piece and with the patience that I don't have. I am like Calam, I tried this stuff once and decided it wasn't for me, Too many pieces.
The spiders are really neat, I love those. Your imagination was working overtime to come up with those.
Welcome to this side.

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OHFORHEAVENSAKE!!!!!!!! What they said - absolutely W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. I love working w/TG, but don't have any right now, and there are too many things I want to do b/f getting more. I sooooooooo love your project. By all means, show us where this w/reside. GORGEOUS!!! - so unique and well executed - perfection.

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Thanks guys. Calam.& flag, it was a lot of gluing, but let me explain what I did. I got a piece of TG about 18 inches by 6 feet for $5.00 at my local glass place (he saves discards). I had read some where that you could coat it with a thin layer of GEII and let it dry before you break it. So, I used a palette knife to spread a thin layer on half of the glass, to see which worked better. When I hit the corner of the glass the unglued side went everywhere like popcorn. I was able to pick up the glued side in sheets, which went a lot faster. I used the little bitty pieces to fill and it still took a while.

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This is absolutely gorgeous, and you're right, it does look very webby. I really love you're beautiful little spiders too. - very clever. Thanks also for the tip about using T.G.

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Yes every one said it for me but I really love those spider. They are the cutest sp I have ever seen I love working with SG.

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Thanks for the tip with crash glass, I just may keep that in mind and do a project with it now! ya, when I'm finished the rest of the projects in my head...This could be project #495!ha! heh heh! But I'll get there!!! Now if I could just quit getting sidetracked.....

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