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dedtiredMarch 21, 2011

I had a Simonton Reflections 5500 window installed in my den in the summer of 2009. During the last week, water has gotten between the two panes. It is a picture window -- nothing opens. It won't dry up, even on a sunny day.

I want to ask Simonton to give me a new window since this one has obviously failed. In the meantime, my contractor moved back to Ireland, so I guess I have to deal directly with the manufacturer.

Has anyone had any experience in getting a new replacement window from a manufacturer? Any tips you can give me for dealing with them? I still have the sticker that was on the window.

I don't suppose there is some magic trick for getting the condensation to dry up? Thanks.

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Seal failure, glass must be replaced. Your better off searching the internet for a local dealer as the manufacturer does not deal with ant contractors or homeowners only their dealers.

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Oh great. I see a big headache coming.

Thanks for the info.

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Sorry Millworkman but you are wrong. Simonton will gladly deal with a homeowner.

All you have to do is call Simonton and tell them you have a seal failure and they will ship you another sash. The new sash is easy to install. If you are unsure how to install it, just go to Simonton's website and they have a video on how it's done.

Simonton is one of the best companys you could want to deal with.

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Addendum to my above advice. Since it's a picture window, you will likely have to get a dealer to install the glass for you but Simonton will provide the glass free of charge.

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Thank you for correcting me sky, all the companies I have dealt with will not normally deal directly with the homeowner. I figured they would replace the glass with no issue being how new it is though. And it being a picture unit would make it a tough install for the average homeowner.

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Here's where I am so far. I called the Simonton 800 number and they were very helpful. They asked me to give them a number from a bar code on one of the windows that had been replaced (a window that opens, not the picture window). The woman on the phone walked me through it and I was able to find it easily.

With that number she could tell me the name of the dealer that sold the window to my contractor. She said to call them and they will replace the glass, "no problem." I'll give them a call tomorrow, and let you know what happens.

So far, I am impressed with Simonton's customer service.

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For those of you who wonder why I sell Simonton as one of the brands I carry, this is one of the reasons. Now compare this experience with the ones you read about so often on this site and others. Simonton may not be the best window in every catagory that we judge windows by, but they do make a solid window and they stand behind what they make.

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(true, but the window did fail!)

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All manufacturers have defects now and then. How they deal with them is what sets them apart. Simonton has one of the best qualioty control systems of any window manufacturer. Look how quickly they were able to even identify the installer. Many manufacturers put the onus on the customer to prove they have a warranty.

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Thought I would bump this back up and finish the story. Simonton finally sent a guy out to replace the window today, no charge.

I called the dealer, who called Simonton. Simonton said they would handle it directly. Weeks passed, no word. I called the dealer again and he said he would call Simonton again. After he did that, their designated contractor called to arrange installation.

He came out this morning, popped out the glass unit and replaced it with another. Mine was a Simonton 5500 series. The contractor said that the less expensive series do not include labor in their warranty. I asked how many of these fail. He said that within the 20 years he's been doing it, about 500-600 have needed to be replaced. I guess that's not too bad.

So, the test will be the performance of this window. Hope I don't get unlucky twice. Despite having to nudge them twice, I am satisfied with their service.

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Now contrast your experience with Simonton to the experience's we read about on this site frequently from consumers about other window brands such as Pella, Lincoln, etc....

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