liesbethJune 5, 2009

Things are going well for us at the moment. SD's are happy coming to our place. Now that we've given themt he freedom of choice and let go of court order all together it's actually not that bad. They do come a bit less, like a day later or they go back to BM's a few hours earlier on the Sunday, but nothing major. SD's chat our ears off about movies and music and friends, and Zac Effron...ooohhh Zac...

We went to see '17 again', so we brought it on ourselves hahaha..

We try and do what the counselor said and be one step ahead by for example encouraging them to give BM a call to see if she is ok. Rather than waiting for them to ask if they can call BM. we are supportive of their need to 'look after' their mum and the skids are less stressed now which is great.

Of course it still annoys me that BM puts that pressure on her own kids, but at least it's not a tug of war for them anymore.

And last night SD told us BM is preggers again. New baby just turned 1 last month, and skids always talk about how BM has had enough of her BF, but now there's one more on the way. Makes sense..

She's already 5 months along apparently, but I guess it doesn't show yet since she's a big smoker, oh and still drinking too..So far she's smoked and drunk through all pregnancies and all kids are born healthy, let's pray she'll get away with it one more time, poor little bugger.

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Won't having another baby mend her relationship with her boyfriend?? Just kidding!! Reminds me of bm in our case....so unhappy with bf she cries abuse. When DH doesn't offer to come to her rescue she ends up preggers again. Some people should have to get sterilized! And drinking and smoking while pregnant....makes me sick! But I am sure this baby will be healthy too. It seems it is always the people who really want a child and do everything right that end up with a child with problems.

But glad to hear your relationship and dh's relationship with the kids is going better.

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