'matching' typical 70's era dark 'bronze' aluminum windows

jasonbluMarch 30, 2010

I have a 1977 era, split level, semi-modern looking house in MD. It has the typical black (dark bronze) aluminum framing double pane glass windows of that era. I can't afford to replace all the windows (over 30 in all) with modern high E windows right now, but I do need to replace a couple that are foggy, and I want to have installed a nice big picture window (~6'x3') slider in a wall of a downstairs bathroom so I can look out it from my soaker tub. I'd like these new windows to match my existing as close as possible, be more efficient, and last forever with minimal maintenance.

I am the type that likes to have just a few really nice things, rather than a bunch of substandard things -- but, like everyone else, I love to save money. I am a tireless "bargain hunter" and work hard to always try to get the best price out there for these items. I find, with some 'sweat equity shopping', I can often get top of the line products for the price I would pay for middle of the road products that are easy to find and buy [i.e. Big Box Stores].

That said...knowing now what I need, and what I like, what kind of windows (Brand [andersen, pella, marvin, etc], Model, Material type [vinyl, fiberglass, etc] etc) do you all think I should get, and, most of all, where is the BEST place to shop for them online or in the Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis area.

Thank you all!

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If your goal is to match your current windows, then you should go with a bronze anodized aluminum window.

I'm in Southern California, so I can't help you with vendors, but I am in market for metal windows. I've looked at Milgard on the low end and Fleetwood, Bonelli, Hope's, Torrance Steel Window and Metal Window Corp on the high end.
I don't have a modern house but if I did, I'd most likely be getting Fleetwoods. Milgard can give you much of the look for about 1/3 of the price of Fleetwoods.
Fleetwood's website should direct you to local dealers and then it's just a matter of getting quotes.
Good luck.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

There are vinyl options available that come in an exterior foil option with the Dark Bronze.

Vinyl is going to be the most cost effective option.

Marvin Fiberglass is certainly a nice option and will be the thinnest of the replacement options so the glass loss will be less noticeable on this option as compared to other.

None of the other two brands that you mentioned in addition to Marvin are really regarded as good products.

What is the exterior of the home made out of?

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I have the same problem as my HOA will only allow us to have the dark bronze exterior. I want the vinyl windows or something that will match the exterior but still qualify for the federal tax credit. To date I have not found a vendor in the Southern California Area that can provide me a spec based on my requirements. All I know right now is Anlin makes a dark bronze exterior but their product is pricey. Any other thoughts or suggestions for a good dual pane window installer or product line with the dark bronze exterior would be helpful.

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Thanks all for the suggestions, I am looking into all of them. To answer windowsonwashington, the exterior is just painted T1-11 siding.

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