finding mapei polymer modified morter

herselfJuly 15, 2009

My local Lowe's doen't carry the Mapei & for them to order it would cost me more in postage than the Mapei costs. I'm located in Southern NH. Anyone from around this area that knows of a Lowe's that stocks it? I figure that it would be worth it to travel a bit to stock up on a few bags.

Also if I can't find that how does the thinset that you have to add the polymer admixure compare?

I'm sorry to keep bothering people with all these questions on such basic stuff, but I'm not that satisfied with the liquid nails & gout that I've been using, and know I need something different for some of the things I want to try.



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The polymer additive is only an extra that most use for stuff that will be outside. It tends to make the mortar more flexible. You can use plain mortar mix, Quickrete brand is what I use. The Mapai brand is nice to use, but not necessary and don't lose any sleep over it. The Quikrete brand is what brick layers use, and is quite a bit less expensive than the Mapai. When and if you can get the Mapai brand, Slow and I use it and the Mapai grout almost exclusively. I am using the less expensive mortar on my column because I have to use a lot of it.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you. That's good to know! I've use Quikrete for other types of projects & it is cheap & easy to find.

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I'm too tired from working all day on the fountain to do any Googling research, but if I'm not mistaken, the admixture also adds adhesion. Mapei is very sticky, and just plain thinset w/o the admixture isn't. When I've used thinset w/o the admixture, some things didn't stick, and came off later - on the wall in my workshop. If I were using just plain thinset, I'd mix half water and half admixture for the liquid.

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I've ordered things from Lowes Online and chose the option of having my order sent from their warehouse to my local Lowes for in-house pickup and I saved myself from having to pay postage. Maybe that's an option for you?


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