What can I do about a window contractor who totally ripped me off

ibelievetMarch 3, 2011

I hired a window contractor to put in the energy efficient windows that qualify for the tax credit. The windows were installed, but I was told by a different contractor that was doing other work on my house that the windows did not qualify for the tax credit. I called the window contractor and explained this to him and he stated the windows did qualify. So the next day he came to my house and I was at work and had my son remove the stickers and he stated he was going to get rid of them for us as they looked tacky on the windows. Well, he removed the energy stickers and would not return them to me. He then agreed to return them when I paid him. I then found out that the window contractor tried to get the window company to order him the stickers that did qualify for the tax credit in which case the window company would not as they were not the stickers for the windows he installed. He stated he did not know they didn't qualify till way after he installed them, but how could he not know when he ordered them and installed them. He is now blaming the window company for ordering the wrong windows. He has done nothing but lie to me constantly. So I turned him into the Attorney General and I told them I do not want the windows as they were not what I ordered, but I do want my tax credit that I am now out because it has expired. I did not pay anything to the contractor, but am worried what he may do. Can he remove the windows or put a lien against my property even though he was trying to pass off some cheap windows for the energy efficient ones? I am going to have a different contractor put in the correct windows and return these to the manufacturer, but how can I get my tax credit. Thank you

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If you are happy with the windows but not happy about missing out on the tax credit, negotiate with the contractor and pay him the amount that you agreed on less the tax credit amount. If you are not happy with the windows and are going to have them replaced like you speak of, you will have to do that without the tax credit. It is gone and you can't recover it simply because of the original contractor's incompetence. The new credit maxes out at $200 for windows or $500 including doors if they 2010 Energy Star certified. Sorry for your troubles. It gives the industry a bad name for things like this.

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Thank you for your responses, but I was told by the IRS that if the windows had been purchased prior to December 31, 2010 it would have been 30% of the cost of the windows or up to $1,500.00 so I am out $711.00 which is why I wanted the windows put in prior to Dec. 31st so I could have gotten the $711.00 back to go towards the window cost. I spoke to several other contractors and they all stated that I should have no problem getting the tax credit from this window contractor as he did try to deceive me with installing the wrong windows and I have all proof of this including verbal and written proof. So couldn't I take him to court for this money? I did try to work with this man, but he isn't willing to give me what I should be getting for a tax credit and I don't feel he should get by with this, what he did was totally illegal as he was going to give me the wrong stickers had he been able to get by with it and then I would have been defrauding the government by applying for the tax credit with the wrong windows.

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Why not just report this to your State Licencing Board? I would also contact the State Attorney General for criminal prosecution. This is consumer fraud, plain and simple. It might also be tax fraud.

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