Violin/I'm stuck

texasfernJuly 24, 2008

I have a string of brass beads I wanted to put around the edges, that is the reason I put the glass on the sides.

I have never worked with silicone before, so my question is this: Can I lay the silicone along the edges and then lay the beads in it?

I used Weldbond on the piece, and it will just not work to hold the beads.

As I said, I put the mirror on the sides to give the beads an edge to adhere too.

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The silicone will work, don't apply it too thick or it will squish out everywhere. Gypsy uses a lot of different tess, maybe she will see this and help you out. You could also use Aileen's Tacky Glue, it sets up pretty fast, I did beads around the top of a shoe I am working on and I used tacky glue and blue masking tape, then walked off and left it to dry, if not I would have worried it to death.
Great job on the violin...Is it for you?

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I thought I would jump back in real quick, gotta shut the computer down for a bit, storms are afoot!
Thanks for the info.
I'm not sure what I will do with this.
I may put a really high price on it and see what happens!
I have been thinking seriously about doing an etsy shop, and this could be the "focal" item.
Thanks again.

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I don't know the answer to your question either, but have used weldbond and Aileen's tacky, the tacky did set up quickly but I think the masking tape might work with any of those products, help them stick without you having to babysit them.

I love that violin, it is fantastic and the mirror sides really says Wowser!!

Would love to hear about the Etsy shop, I am sick to death of ebay but haven't ever sold any crafts that way.

Take care with the storms.

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Hi, This absolutely beautiful. I think silicone will work but maybe test it on a something else first just to make sure. I think you should enter this in an art show as a sculpture or assemblege piece. I bet you would win a prize! This is truly fine art.

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Oh, thanks so much.
Woke up in a funk for some reason, and you made my day.
I got some of that GE II everyone raves about and I think I will try it.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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If you haven't already done it.... E-6000 is perfect for that area...dries fast...I love it for weird spots. GEII
takes too long to set up for me on that kind of stuff. I aways used thinset for everything, till I found this forum.
I found that glue works well for that kind of thing. I'm still tring out new glues. But I would use that if it were mine.... Beautiful work! Love it!

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Fern... Your violin is going to be gorgeous!!! It already IS!
I use the GE II to put on ball chain for edging... works great.
I'm looking forward to your next picture!

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Thanks everyone.
I am about ready to roll with this.
I have been using the GE II for a few days and like the results.
It will be next week before I get to it, gonna do a flea market this weekend and see how it goes.

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