Garden Girl

cait1July 13, 2009

Well, that's what I'm calling her.

Got her for 50 cents at a car boot sale (British term for people throwing their junk in the boot/trunk of their car and selling it at a market)

Slow - I saw you wrote on my thread on GJ and will answer you here. My puter went haywire on Fri and today I was finally back on line.

My mosaic bench will eventually be completed!! I am determined to get it done. Hopefully this coming summer won't be as tragic as last and we won't have any bushfires or extreme heat so I can work on it peacefully. Currently we are having lots of very welcome rain and my garden is pretty boggy.



Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Girl

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She is so cute, great job on the slideshow!!! I too am hoping to get my Cait Inspired Throne Chair done!!!

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How darlin - so simple but oh, so effective. Good to see you here, CAIT.

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Good job! She is so cute.

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She is so cute !!!!!!

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I absolutely love her and would buy her in a heartbeat! I'm a lurker, collecting old plates but somewhat "afraid" to start smashing, er nibbling away at them. May I ask what type of material you used? I'm assuming it was something other than from plates or tiles as they would be too thick due to the size of the little girl. Any info you could give me on the adhesive and grout you used would also be helpful. I would love to try something similar but obviously I'll have to try a few coffee-can type projects for starters. Again, your work is just beautiful....

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What a cutie she is! Thanks for the great slideshow. It's a wonderful way to show a project. I'll have to look at my photobucket and see howo that's done. And I'm always still looking for information like gersch asked too.

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She is darling!!! I love everything about her!!!

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