Wine Appreciation Clubs?

suzieque(z5 MA)December 17, 2006

I've taken a few "wine tasting" classes and, although enjoyable, they really just seem to be a fun thing to do and not a real learning event.

I'd like to find a club - a group of people - who gather periodically around the topic of wine, so that I can learn a lot about wine specifics while enjoying a social atmosphere.

Yes, I could get books and read up, but I'd like to make this a "thing" with others as opposed to self-oriented.

I live in Massachusetts & work in New Hampshire. Anyone know if any organizations like this exist and how to find them? I've asked around at various liquor or wine specialty stores with no luck. Internet searches turn up "wine clubs", meaning monthly shipments of wine or something like that.



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You won't find them that way. If you are looking for an informal club, don't expect someone to take the time to keep a website updated. Better idea is to leave a note at a local wine store - a good wine store. Or you can go to a class, meet some people, and ask some of them if they want to get together. Alternatively, check some wine sites like the Mark Squires board or something similar and put up a post for people in your area who may be interested.

And think about how you want it structured - e.g. do you set a price and have everyone bring a bottle, or do you collect some money for dues and then decide what to drink, etc. Lots of ways to do it.

And where. Do you want to host or have a rotating thing or go to a restaurant? Will there be separate glasses for each wine and if so, who keeps them, buys them, cleans them, etc.

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cindyb_va(z7 VA)

SuzeQue, did you look at this site?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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suzieque(z5 MA)

Wow - thank you both very much! Rosesinny, what you said makes perfect sense. I will do as you suggested. And cindyb_va, I had no idea that that website existed. I've signed up for their email notification and will enjoy looking through the events.

Again, thank you both!


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