My husband cheated on me with the ex and now I resent my step son

day570June 9, 2009

My husband cheated on me nearly 2 years ago with the mother of his child. We have attended counciling and I thought I was over it. We recently had a child of our own and now that she is here I find myself not wanting my step son in my life as he reminds me of his mother. I don't want anything to do with either of them and I want her out of my life. Of course this is not going to happen, and I dont actually want my Step son put of my life as I do love him. I am just feeling so torn and confused and dont know what to do!

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Get back into counseling ASAP! I don't think your feelings are unusual nor do I think you are a terrible person for feeling that way, but if you don't deal with the hurt & anger you have, it will destroy you... your life & your marriage.

There is very little that a forum like this can do to help you with this problem, I think it will really take professional help.

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Ima's right --
I can understand where you're coming from, but if you don't *genuinely* get through it, it will destroy everything you care about.

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I second Ima and Sweeby.

(((HUGS))) to you.

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