dear slowmedown

katkerriJuly 13, 2008

I admire your work v much and am glad to have found you over here on the mosaic forum

which is now inspiring me to try mosaiicing, or at least trying to tile something. You all are definitely having way to much fun with these projects!

I was reading some of the ancient garden junk forum threads from 2006

and came across these words from U:

"Ânipped the saucer rim and encircled the mirror in the tummy of "Five O'clock Somewhere". Also reflected in the mirror is a piece called "In Her Cups", that I made some time ago. Name of the piece I finished yesterday was inspired by the little watchface on her right shoulder, and a statement from my sis one time, long ago, when I wanted to have a drink before 5:00 She said ah hmmmmmmmm. Not supposed to drink before 5:00. Yeah, right, I said, "It's Five O'clock Somewhere in the World". On her left hip I left a knothole in the plywood exposed. Thought it would make a good tatoo. The piece of plywood was covered in knotholes, but this one was teardrop shaped as in the mirror I cut for the piece. Here goes a try at posting a link"

Do you remember this description of a sculpture called

"ItÂs Five OÂclock Somewhere" ?

The link to that image doesnÂt work for me


IÂm hoping that you might still have it somewhere because I sure do hope to see it :^)

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Well, if this isn't a big surprise. Thanks, KAT for your compliments, and reminding me of that crazy mirror. It's in my "mirror" album. Yeah, my sis didn't know what to do w/it, so I told her w/as much money as I spent on making something outta the broken saucer she sent me, plus the $60 I paid to have it packed and mailed, she could send it back, postage paid by ME, or put it under her bed, or whatever. She thought it a bit - ah, shall we say - risque??? My sis isn't very artsy. She finally hung it. I always meant to make myself one, but never did. Wish the picture wasn't so small, but here she be. Thank you again, and I hope you do take up mosaicing. It's a wonderful hobby. We'll help you all you need through the learning process.
Five O'clock Somewhere

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Slow, I have "known" you now for 3 or 4 years here on GW, first in GJ and then here on the mosaic forum. Ive seen your work, your encouragement to others, your hospitality, your personal trials, your hosting of parties, your pictures in your boots and that red bun!
You are an amazing artist, one hell of a woman and Texas is truly the only state that could ever handle the likes of you.
Just wanted to say that.

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That is beautiful and all those mirrors rock too.
OK, IÂm off to find my poor broken Mexican flowerpot and see if
i can roundup some nippers and grout.
And glue.

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Slow...I agree with everything WW said...except for the part about actually meeting you, I haven't, but I feel like I "know" you regardless. Anyway...I had not seen your mirror album and I must say...WOW!!!
This is my favorite one...hope you don't mind that I copied it and cropped it to show here.

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Well if y'all don't beat all. This makes me bow my head and want to get on my knees in humility and thanks for friends like y'all. That's about the sweetest thing that's happened to me in a very long time. Hey, CINDI - Wish I knew how to make pictures like that. Not a problem - just glad you liked it. That was made from shards from an antique mirror of my Dallas DD. She wrote me an email and told me it had fallen off the wall, and I said "DON'T TOSS IT". She had already but went to the trash can and retrieved the pieces. I didn't cut any of them, just put them together. Notice just above the little gold-colored vase - there's a shard in the shape of a high-heeled boot. I forgot what I named it, but it had something to do w/that boot shape. Always meant to make myself one of those too, but haven't. Thank y'all for your wonderful, humbling comments.

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Ive never actually met Slow in person, But after watching someone and interacting with them all this time, you can tell who they are. Your post Kat, just reminded me I had never told her so.

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Kat, you have just spoken the minds of many of us. I know that I have said it before, Slowmedown has been and continues to be a huge influence and inspiration to me. She is the reason I took up mosaiking!

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Boy Betty, if this doesn't pull you out of your slump and drudges I don't know what will. Get up, get out and get busy..I remember these from GJ too. Awesome. Now the inspiration should be oozing out of you.
You guys should try to come to the next get together we have and meet this beautiful woman. She is the GREATEST. She is always ready with some kind words and praise. She keeps me going and on track. I appreciate knowing her and am proud to be her friend.
I am sure the rest of those who have met her will second this?
Praise justly deserved Slow.

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I've had the privilege of meeting Slow in Puerto Vallarta and she is a delight.....she is a wonderful person...very kind, sharing and giving..and add LOT of spunk I tell ya.....she's a hoot to be with! AMEN to the above comments!!

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Well, I think we better let this thread die! This is too much, y'all. I'm just an old lady who loves what I do and do what I love. I'm honored to be among some of the best artists on the net, and get so much inspiration for all of you. Y'all make me happy even w/o all this b.s. All I can say is, I sincerely thank y'all.

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I have only been around a short time, but it was obvious from the start that you are respected and loved much!
I don't that is b.s., it is well deserved.

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i ditto all that good stuff they said. i been dealing with the public for 37 years ,and the public i deal with , 8 outta 10 are professional B. S ers, so i (think) i know em when i see em :-)these girls are up and up Dahlan.
don't know ya but a week or so and i already think you are all that, in a very good way.

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