Timing could not be worse

lovehadleyJune 14, 2009

SS has a big bruise on his collar-bone.


We had my dad over for dinner tonight and we were bbq-ing in the backyard. SS & DD were playing next door (right across fence) on the neighbor's swingset. They have two kids and they all frequently play together, more so this summer, it seems.

Their parents were out in their yard, as well, doing yardwork. My dad and DH were standing at the fence watching the kids and chatting w/the neighbors.

Anyway, according to DH, DD went down the slide--SS was at the bottom, he had gotten off, and DD started to slide before he was out of the way--and then SS kind of laid down on the bottom of the slide, facing up and DD's foot slammed into his shoulder/collarbone area.

There is a substantial bruise.

OF COURSE. This would totally be our luck.

DH took a picture, documented what happened, and it's fine--the neighbors saw, my dad saw, everyone did---HA, actually, except me because I was in the kitchen cooking! But I am sure BM will make sure to plant the idea in SS's head that I did this.

I am not really worried because we KNOW what happened and so does SS---but given BM's mental state of mind right now, I am sure she will just run with this.

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The timing does stink. But there are plenty of witnesses to what happened and you were nowhere to be found. Maybe call the officer that came to your home the other day, or the social worker and ask them how to document the accident??

Then when ss goes home be sure to have hubby tell her what happend and that it was already documented so she does not have to spend her time making up another bs story!(and I am a smartie pants and would actually say just that! LOL)

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Or maybe LET her try to pin it on you --
Since you have all those witnesses.
That will further damage her credibility...

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Oh Sweeby I like your thinking!!! I had not even thought of that. Great idea!

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Heehee. Sweeby, that is a great idea, and actually is what we did. :)

The bruise did not look nearly as bad this morning---it's about the size of a quarter, nothing big, whereas yesterday the whole shoulder area was more red.

Anyway, since it doesn't look bad, DH figured he would not tell BM and let her flip her wig. We did take a pic of it.

My dad would totally be willing to tell the police or CPS what he saw happen if it came to that.

DH agreed---the more nutty BM makes herself look, the better.

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