Best awnings for southern windows?

cat_herderMarch 20, 2010

Hi again everyone! As some of you may recall, we built a house 3 years ago, with the help of THS members! Well, we missed one key thing - the windows on the south side of the house are wreaking havoc with our HVAC! My kids rooms all have south-facing windows that get direct sun all day, and in the afternoon their rooms are a full 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.

It seems the easiest (and most cost efficient) solution is to install awnings over those 4 windows to shield them from direct sun contact. (If you have other suggestions, I welcome those too!)

Does anyone have any advice on what the best awnings are for this type of application? I've seen dozens of online companies that sell them, but can't tell which will hold up best to the 10 hours a day of direct hot sun in west Texas, and the gusty winds we get every spring (up to 50 mph several days a year). Where should we look?


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I am not sure about the awnings, my only experience has been with the cloth awnings. You may want to contact a glass company in Tx, we are in AL and my mom was a similar issue. They out a film on the windows which has blocked all the UV and some of the heat. The film is transparent as well. All the window companies that see the low e glass at different levels are all films that are placed on the glass. I did see the other day a film at Lowe's for DIYS so that you could do the same thing. Might be worth your time and may save some money, plus you wouldn't have the 4 awnings on the south side of your house!

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