Comparing Replacement Windows Simonton vs. ViWinco

swreederMarch 29, 2010


Our 18 year old home is having major window failures so we are in the market of getting replacement windows. There are 18 double hung windows in the house in a wide range of sizes, but all of which are under 100" of linear glass.

We have done our homework with the local and state building association and gotten some good well respected contractors to come out and provide quotes for us.

We are basically narrowed down to a few and are looking at three different windows.

1. Cambridge line made by ViWinco, seems to be a very good window and good company. Local to where I live so I like that idea and in business for a good 20+ years.

2. Reflections by Simonton - Also a good reputation for replacement windows. We have quotes for a 5050 with upgraded Window Kits and also the 5500 series. (told that the 5050 upgraded is almost the same window as the 5500)

Here are my questions.

1. We have a hard time finding out details on simonton windows. There is no brochure that spells everything out like the ViWinco's. Any thoughts??

2. Capping of exterior. Most of the contractors are including custom aluminum capping. Once contractor is not and says it doesn't need to be done and adds cost. To me, I cannot see how the windows will look right if the old dingy aluminum is not capped off am I right?

Really need some honest advice on this major purchase.


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Windows on Washington Ltd

5050 is definitely not the same as a 5500.

I would expand my search if I were you to include a couple of other well recommended brands.

Capping is not necessary in most applications but is instead a beautification technique and helps eliminate any maintenance on the exterior of the windows.

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Can you tell me why the 5050 is not the same as the 5500? I have been to two building suppliers and they are telling me when you upgrade the glass in the 5050 it is the same as the 5500.

Looking at sample windows, the only difference I can see when they have the same glass is one has a stepped finish and the other is a single bevel on the outside. Just a cosmetic change.

As for opening up to other manufacturers we started there and are down to these three in my original post.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I copied this from Skydawggy on another board....

The 5500 is a completely different extrusion. Not only is it more attractive but the welds are much cleaner than the 5050. The extrusions on the 5500 have greater structural integrity and thus a higher DP rating. In addition, the 5500 has much lower air and water infiltration ratings and uses a 3/4" stainless steel balance as oppose to the 1/2 inch on the 5050. The 5500 also uses 2 strip of fin seal and one strip of compression seal on the top sash and 2 layers of compression seal and on strip of fin seal on the sill. Lastly, as you already know, the stepped sill on the 5500 provides and excellent water barrier.

Don't assume some guy working at a wholesale warehouse has any in depth knowledge of a product like a window or door. Many of them have had no factory training at all and only know what they've "heard". You are likely to get better information from an installer. Walk away from the next person who tells you the 5500 and the 5050 are almost the same window. The 5300 is much more similar to the 5050. Basically it's the 5050 with a stepped sill but for a few dollars more than the price of the 5300, you can go with the 5500.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vinyl Replacement board

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i have a price offered for the simonton prism platinum windows . what is the difference from a 5500 series. is the prism better?

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Prism Platinum and the Reflections 5500 are essentially the same window. Minor cosmetic differences that have no effect on performance.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Don't tell Norandex that Skydawggy. :-)

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is the simonton prism platinum a good window ?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Yes. It is effectively the same window as the 5500 but with double strength glass as a standard.

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