A funny/sweet stepparent moment...

myfampgJune 6, 2011

Just thought I would share a moment my Dh just had... Kind of breaks up the frustration and 'issues' we all have going on.

Dh got DS in the bath and dd was playing in her room. Dh came to find me and sits Down all beat down and says, do you think I'm a good parent? And I said of course I do why would you ask me that did something happen? He said no I just don't feel like I'm doing a very good job because the kids seem to want you more than normal and I don't understand if I did something wrong.

I couldn't even get my thoughts out and dd walks in and plops right in Dh's lap and says can I sit with you? I looked at him and just started laughing... And he said 'ok I eat my words...'

And still dd is sitting in his lap as they laugh and talk... He always thinks he isn't doing something right with dd and what he doesn't realize is that what she needs him to do, he does without even blinking.

She just said 'your the best stepdaddy' as she taps him on the top of the head. Lol

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Aw. So sweet!

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That's so neat!!! It kinda brought tears to my eyes.

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me too Mom3. Too cute. So nice to get instant validation. Good for you and your family!!

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this is so sweet!!!! I am happy for your DD and DH for having great relationship.

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