hybrid grape wines

boizeau(7a)December 6, 2008

I am really into hybrid wine grapes, and have been doing some breeding over the years. Wondered if anyone else making wine has toyed with a chance seedling or even made a cross of two wine grapes. My focus is mainly on muscat wine types, but I do have one red wine hybrid that has a flavor of Watermellon!

Don't know that it will be a market winner, but it is a decent flavored wine.

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I see that Millers Nurseries has several cross bred wine grapes.
One that interest me is their corit noir. It has
steuben as one parent.
They state that it makes a good "vinifera". I'm not sure what a vinifera type wine is. I cant find any and the definition is only "grape wine".

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Vitis vinifera is the latin name given to European grapes.
Vitis labrusca, vitis riparia, and vitis rupestris are American grapes along with Muscadina rotundifolia.

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And in the early days of the US, they tried making wine from the non-European grapes and it was always disappointing. That's why they imported the vinifera. There were a few hybrids that got popular - Norton for example, but basically you are better off sticking with the vitis vinifera.

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