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francis_eric(5 Illinois)December 19, 2005

Two things I forgot to ask when the last time you racked?The next question is do you not like a dry wine If not you can either sweeten before you drink,blend sweet wine with dry for a medium,send bottles out for gifts, or save for when you do wan't to blend with a certain wine(maybe one you accidently over sweetened)Try to blend in trial amounts than do the math.EXPERIMENT.

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Karen_sl(Z5 MI)

I don't know what is wrong with my e-mail...
But we wracked the wine about 6 weeks ago for the second time.
Over the weekend my hubby stopped at the wine making store and asked questions.
So, he sweetened some of the first batch and added a stabilizer. Only did a gallon. It was yummy...really good.
Although a friend of ours said the alchohol content wasn't really high. (He makes cough medicine!)
We enjoyed what we had, took some to a party and it was gone in a it must be OK.
We have done the right things all along I think...we used airlocks and have been careful about cleanliness...cause I do not want yucky wine nor do I want to get sick.
Hubby wants to try some of the second batch this weekend, we will have to play with this a bit as it is very dry now.
And no, we do not care for dry wine. We both like a semi-dry with a sweet/tart taste.
Anyways, thanks for your advise, we have been reading and reading.
I know we need to save the other 15 gallons and bottle in a few months and then let age...but its hard when you think about it!
Karen L

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