HI new here and 2 great reds.....

grinch_gut(7)December 19, 2006

HI I just found this forum...duh me!! I have found tons of the threads sooo helpful and interesting to read.....I just wanted to add 2 wonderful reds we got the other day.....To me these are "expensive" wines but every once in a while my hubby splurges for me...We got a Louis M Martini Cabernet Savuvignon reserve (30.00) and it was wonderful. Also we got a Laurel Glen Cabernet Sauvignon 1/2 price at 30.00 and it was awesome! I normally hang out at the Kitchen Table here but have been lurking for 2 weeks so thought I would finally post.....Stacy

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Stacy, Stacy,...I can't believe you didn't share at the table!!! Thanks for the heads up on these!

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LOL I should have but I was pretty stingy with them both... we got another new one yesterday to try but I can't remember the name of it. LOL will let you know though...Stacy

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