making wine jelly

cleocrafta(z4 MN)November 25, 2012

My 2011 homegrown grape wines are wonderful- I don't seem to have a bad bottle- made way to much to drink or give as gifts. I want to make some grape wine jelly for holiday gifting. I'm wondering if anyone knows about the alcohol content of wine jelly. Does most of the alcohol cook out during the jelly making process (like adding a bit of wine to a food as it is cooked)?? I know people will want to know if it still contains alot of alcohol and if it's OK for kids to enjoy some as well. I know the wine flavor will be wonderful just don't know about the alcohol levels. I welcome any comments & advice. Thank you!

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Question: I have about a half gallon of muscat hamburg finishing primary fermentation by my chilling the must while there is still a good bit of sugar. If i follow the recipe by boiling I think all the alcohol will disappear. Is this good or bad in the final product? Will the muscat flavor survive?

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I need them badly

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