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geofab4995March 22, 2013

Received a price quote from Home Depot for the Vintage Pointe 6500 series at around $9500. Or should I go with Window World and their series 4000DH at $6100? We need to replace 14 windows. Thanks

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Run the opposite direction from both, neither are any good (bottom of the barrel quality). Read a few of the posts on here and look for the brands recommended over and over again

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The HD option is a relabeled Simonton which is middle of the road. The problem with box store installs is that they pay their installers a fraction of the going rate, so they end up with a revolving door of subs that are hit or miss at best. The other option has the same problem, and offers a lower grade product to boot.
The price on the HD is too high for that product IMO anyway. You can get a premium performer in that range or better depending on other factors.

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Agree.. Window world is total junk, its an Alside window.
For the price Home Depot is offering, you could get a higher end window for around the same price point.
I would look into Okna, Himark, Sunrise or Soft lite.

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Are all Alside windows considered poor quality? A window company I went to for a quote recommended I get the Alside UltraMaxx. Thanks, Stephanie

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Any product made by Alside is poor quality!!

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The pocket sill design is a detriment IMO, and the performance numbers are not in the top tier of choices. It also sacrifices quite a bit of glass area in comparison to some other products. It is better than the excalibur, but I really don't recommend any pocket sill double hung... I also installed quite a few in a pst life, and the quality leaves something t be desired IMO.

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While the UltraMaxx is built very well (heavy extrusion, multiple chambers, beefy, etc), it does utilize a pocket sill as HomeSealed mentions and that in and of itself, is not preferable when there are so many good sloped sill windows out there.

This window pictured below is not the UltraMaxx but it does demonstrate the drainage pathway of a pocket sill window and how it might be problematic.

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Just wanted to say thank you for the info. Very informative.


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