Need advice on how to create my own free website

phish_gwJuly 9, 2008

Hi all

I'm not much of a poster but I'm a big lurker and I get SO many great ideas from this website!

Anyway, I'd like to make my own website to display pictures of the things I've made. Nothing too fancy, but I'd like to be able to organize and document better than those photo shop websites like flicker and photobucket. So I'd like a website that is easy to create and is free. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Howdy phish:
I'm not a whiz on the computer....
I think if you go to Yahoo Groups...
there is a free web site page....
Might be worth a try....
else here on the Garden Junk page....
where you sign up....
you are suppose to be able to
add your journal and your pics etc....
Try that also....
**** Maybe one of the "SMART COOKIES" here
will chime in and help you later.....

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The above link is easy and should help you easily set up one. I want to do this too! (I just need to get off of vacation and away from my project. LOL)

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Oh, but if you're just looking for a way to show photos, try Photobucket.Com. I'm not tech savay at all, but I found it really easy to join and set up my pictures in separate albums (something some of the other sites don't do apparently). Once they're there, you only have to highlight below the picture on one of the links, copy, and then put it into your text here. Keep my email handy and let me know if you join there and have any questions about how to get your photos or a link here. I'd be happy to help.

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I would like to recommend you . This website provider is totally free and offers 300 MB storagespace for free of course. Moreover you have the choice between more nthan 250 professional design templates and unlimitie possibilities to extend your website for example a gallery for your pictures, an own forum, backgroundmusic and many more.

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ces8419 is the best place to create a free website. It's a editors choice that can prove that its definitely good. You can also use your own domain when you signup for a free website, without charge. It has built-in online shop, forums, news, picture gallery and a lot more!

Here is a link that might be useful: free websites

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