Ostaco Windows - Anyone Heard of or Have?

aarmstrong1717March 12, 2010

I have been to two different showrooms here in Canada and both are promoting Ostaco windows as an all vinyl alternative to Anderson which the showrooms also sell. They use the same glass as Anderson and are apparently an extremely high quality window. The savings is significant and I do say they look really nice with good outside mouldings but wondered if anyone has them or have heard of them and what they think. I have comfort in that two different places recommend them (one being in a place where temperatures can get to -40 celcius) and think they are great but both don't sell other vinyl windows "because they think the quality of these surpasses other vinyl alternatives by a long shot".


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Not familiar with Ostaco windows but anything is going to be better compared to Andersen vinyl windows. I would ask what the U-factor for the entire window is and also what the air and water infiltration ratings are. Knowing the Design Pressure would also be helpful.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I would not take comfort in the fact that two people recommend them.

Plenty of people recommend shoddy products all the time.

"Same glass as Andersen" is also a non-issue. There is nothing particularly special about the Andersen sealed glass unit.

Post up some numbers on the window and people will give you more directed feedback.

Their performance grading system of A, B, C does not show any quantitative performance data. That is interesting because Canada typically leads the forefront on thermal data and technology.

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I hopefully have copied down the right specs for a double hung window

Air Resistance: 0.086 cu. ft./min/joint ft.
Wind Pressure; 300 pascals 6.3 psf
Wind Resistance: 205 mph (330 kph)
forced Entry: Level 40 = 300 lb

From the website:
Multi-chambered design reduces exterior noise, adds insulation and strength and provides thermal efficiency.
Multiple weather-stripping provides outstanding protection against the elements.Up to 5 weatherstrips help reduce heating and cooling costs.
Screen channel designed for screen removal from inside your home.Half screen and full screen are available.
Welded frame and sash corners provide strength and protection against air and water infiltration.
Snap-in interior glazing bead allows easy replacement of glass from the inside
Double-walled sash design for superior strength.
Unique sloped sill on double hung evacuates the heaviest rains much like a wood window sill and keeps bugs out.
Provision to add windbreak to cut down on air infiltration.
Extra thick wall design for improved rigidity.
Provision to add windbreak to cut down on air infiltration.
Interior groove allows the addition of mouldings such as 3/4" wood and 1/2" drywall return or all u-PVC jamb extension.
Provision for installation brackets.
Tilt option available for easy cleaning
New Ostaco "No See Um" screen is available.

As far as the glass I can't see on the website the R and U or solar heat but I did read that at -20 F it will be 52F on the surface of the glass and at 20F it will be 61F on the surface.

Hopefully this helps people who understand more of this lingo and if they are good quality.


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