Sperm donor really is a low life!!!!

momof3_stepof1June 13, 2011

I just got a thing in the mail today from the prosecutors office. My son's sperm donor who is serving 9 months in jail for non payment of support has requested for his current support to be dropped to zero while he remains in jail. NICE!!!! He's in there for failure to pay so he thinks he can ask to get a break. WTH!!!!! It has an agreement with it that I am supposed to sign and return by June 24. Failure to do so will mean that this goes to court. FINE!!! I'm all for it. Let's go!! No way in hell will I sign a piece of paper allowing him to not be responsible for the life he created. I'm so pissed off right now! I looked up our state laws... blah blah state House bill 1040 sec 2.5 becomes effective JULY 1, 2011.... states that a court cannot modify a support order based on the parents incarceration. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! No wonder they want me to sign by June 24, no way will we be in court before July 1. Kiss my butt sperm donor. You are not getting away with this!!! I'm far from stupid! And the last time he called our son a spoiled brat and said he wasn't his daughter's brother... well, that spoiled any and all sympathy he ever will get from me.

Ok.... that's just my vent. Please don't be rude to me. I hate the man with a passion!

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Not gonna get rude from me. He is a low life. My sister has an ex like this. They were married for 7 yrs and tried so hard for a baby. It's all she ever wanted since she was 5. To be a mom and to have her own real life baby.. And as soon as she finally gets pregnant he bolts for the next 6 years. They did get a divorce when the baby was born and he was ordered to pay child support... He never paid. That was back in the day before wages were garnished. Finally after 6 yrs he decides I think I want a paternity test.. So my sister grants him one (she wasnt worried). So he starts seeing him and paying his measly $75/month.. And to this day 8 years later (14 total) he gets behind enough that they issue a warrant, he goes to court, coughs up enough to make them Happy and off he goes... He sees my nephew every few months and of course my nephew adores him, thinks he's the best thing ever ... He is a deadbeat.

Some parents are just ignorant and don't deserve the blessings they are given.

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--"Some parents are just ignorant and don't deserve the blessings they are given."--

I'll second this statement!

Modify amount? When $ell freezes over. Is that what is being asked though? Delay in payment would be one thing...hardship, not working and temporarily delayed until out (rather like he was temporarily unemployed). This scenario would not alter amount of payment still due nor waive the fact support is still owed for those months...would just put these payments on hold for short time.

But from your wording it sounds like he is trying to waive the support completely for the jailed period. How much longer jail time does Dad have to serve?

Stupid jerk. If the guy would have paid his support in the first place he would not be sitting in jail imparing his ability to earn income. I never quite got the 'put them in jail' line of thinking...other than I do get the idea behind it is to shake sense into them. Our state is getting more into just making their daily lives more miserable (losing licenses for example) with the goal of making them believe paying is better than falling behind or skipping support.

Waived? Absolutely not. Temporarily delayed, still complete amount due plus with interest, I'd think about. Is the guy got employment to go back to or a means to pay after he gets out?

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he better pays the money after he gets out of jail, what a jerk! i can't believe they want to excuse him from paying!

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He was sentenced to 1 1/2 years but has to serve 9 months. He just went in May 19. The letter states that support from the first Friday after June 1 until the date of release the current support order would be $0 and would return to $51.41 on release. I called them a little while ago and told them to take it to court that I wasn't signing anything. He's such a jerk!!!

I understand the whole jail thing.... that if they are there they can't pay... BUT... he doesn't pay anyway. He just goes out and parties like a rockstar and makes more babies. He's already had his license suspended, tax returns intercepted, wages garnished, probation, and everything else they can do to him before jail time. It's taken me 11 years to get this jail time. The way I see it... he can't make more babies in jail. Babies that will be on welfare because the moms he has them with are as deadbeat as he is.

I told the child support office I'll be fighting this to the end, till we're all blue in the face. I'm not letting him get by with this. I HATE HIM!!!!!

I hate to say this..... but mom number 2 saved his life when he overdosed years ago. I somehow wish she wouldn't have. Social security is dependable and it's quiet. Ok.... yes, I know, I'll go to hell for that statement but it's how I feel.

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What a jerk!

That's an interesting law; I wonder if it is meant to relate to the other thread (very late CS payments in a lump sum). It makes sense, I guess. What if one parent was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, and thus had their support modified to almost nothing for that time? Then, they get out, their child is now 18 and so they've completely gotten off the hook for paying for their child, while CP has gone without, struggled and sacrificed.

Our state has this whole bureaucracy that deals with pretty much everyone's CS (all court-ordered CS is automatically garnished except for self-employed people). BM's CS pittance that was being withheld is no longer being sent, she's not filed for a modification, and DH thinks that she has "cleverly" thought of some way or other to get out of paying it completely (she's always convinced she's found some loophole or other, and the state will say "Wow! You've bamboozled us! Now we're flummoxed and so how's about you just don't pay a dime of CS?") Of course, in actuality arrears are accumulating, and the clock is ticking - because after three months of non-payment the state moves to suspend driver's licenses. DH has nothing to do with it; he couldn't stop it if he wanted. The giant machine of the state will begin to churn up BM; she's making a huge mistake because it's a lot easier to get pulled into it then to get back out again. Tick, tick, tick....

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Yep, Mattie... that is also how our state works.. IF you have signed up with the Title IV D program. It's $25 for people not on welfare.. which I paid and free for those on welfare. My dh is not on this program with my ss bm. Everything went through private lawyers so they don't really keep track of her. It's not garnished or anything. So far she's been paying, though she is 1 week behind right now. I keep trying to get my dh to sign up for the program so that they'll keep track of her if she decides to stop paying. He hates fighting with her so he hasn't done it yet. I told him though that the second she gets a month behind I'll be signing his name for him if he doesn't do it. We can't be on one dead beat and not the other. It wouldn't be fair.

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hmmm...wonder if there is a way for you to raid his personal 'jail' account I bet he has set up in jail (for snacks and whatnot extras)? Jerk does not need 'extras' in jail, he's there for punishment for being a jerk. Just a thought, may not be possible, but I'd rather your DS be getting the support than Dad eating potato chips and buying playing cards. Is he going to get paid for 'working' in jail (some do in prison, no idea about county jails).

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I am very sure he has an account setup... that either his dad pays for or mom number 4. That should absolutely be divided up between his children. He is not working while in jail. I asked multiple times for work release but it didn't happen. I think that's because he actually lives about 4 hours from where he is being jailed. (We lived that far apart when I applied for support)... I talked to mom number 2 and she also received an order like I did. I told her we need to fight it and not to sign it. Then her phone went dead and I couldn't get ahold of her again. I'm hoping she fights it too. I'm going to have to ask about the jail account. I'll probably do that while in court.

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What a jerk. I agree, if he's not going to pay, anyway, he may as well sit in jail.

My DD's bio-dad doesn't pay either. And HE makes decent money--he changes jobs fairly frequently but he is ususally in some kind of sales. I creep around FB enough (heehee) to know he drives a 40K truck, and snowboards all the time in the winter and wakeboards at the lake in the summer.

He could and should be paying his child support. I let it go b/c he's 100% left DD alone----she is NINE and has not seen him since she was 7-8 months old.

NOW---if he were trying to see her and bouncing in and out of her life, I would totally push the child support issue.

What a jerk. Good for you for standing firm! Don't give him an easy way out.

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I just got off the phone with an attorney. The house bill I mentioned before has indeed passed. It is effective July 1, 2011. There is NO WAY we will be in court before then. It's a new judge so the lawyer says he'll be conservative and side with me. He gave me my defense that I am to use... and that's that my bills are real and that my child needs things and is real. That just because he's in jail does not mean that my child's life has stopped and he shouldn't still be obligated to support him. He said I should be absolutely fine going in by myself with this defense and the defense of the new house bill. Plus sperm donor is pro se as well. He's dumber then a box of rocks and I know he'll never be able to come up with a good enough reason. So... I really think I'll be ok. The attorney stated that his support could go to minimum wage.... BUT... sperm donor's support is already based on minimum wage from the year 2000. So essentially it should be raised because minimum wage has increased quite a bit since then. Hmmmmmm, maybe I could get it raised while I'm there. HAHAHAHA!!! Wouldn't that be a win!! LOL!

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Oh poop. And we're paying his food and housing for those months too.

Too bad he doesn't have to pay the taxpayers back for that.

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I agree Silvers!!!! He's such a looser! Unfortunately that attorney gave me bad info. I called the child support office back for the court date... which isn't till Nov 28. She said that that bill didn't pass. So, I called the House and asked about it. Sure enough. It didn't pass. So, I called the child support office back. His child support is based on min wage for the year 2000. I asked her since min wage has increased by $2.10 if I could have my support reviewed for an increase after he gets out. She said yep. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So, he wants to play dirty... I play dirty. I am writing that letter to have my support reviewed. His other kids don't play any part in my support because they are all younger... I confirmed that with the cs office. My sil support is based on min wage and it's the $7.25 and she gets like $80 per week.... so, I only get $51.41 now. Plus he still has to pay on arrears every week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! So, I would've just left it at $51.41 forever but since he's being an ass, I'll have it increased. That'll make up for it in the end.... seeing that he's only serving 9 months and I have another 7 years just till my son is 18. I plan on him going to college so maybe another 3 years or 4 years on top of that. Yep, I still win. My brain is on evil overload today. LOL!

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You should be getting a cs review every 3 years. At least. I think you have to pursue it but keep that in mind, check it out and in 3 years, fill out the paper work again. He gets a new job, file for modification. All of this can be done on your own without an attorney.. It's called... The Attorney General's office. :)

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I never understood the whole jail thing either. I wonder in how many cases does the Dad get out and actually start paying on time with consistancy? Meanwhile Mom's can't get their money and taxpayers are giving him a free ride.

My DH was in a serious car accident back in 07. He was working under the table construction at the time so no disability. He fell behind in child support but worked it out with BM where he would watch her younger child (not his) during the day for free instead of paying child support. So he babysat for 2 years. Once he was done physical therapy and cleared to go back to work he got a job. He wasn't even at his job 1 full week when she decided to take him to court for back child support. He was dumb enough to not get their agreement in writing or at least have her pay him for babysitting and take that $$ and pay it on his CS. So for 2 years he owed nearly $12000. He had regular payments coming directly out of his check plus an extra $200 a month coming out for arrears. They never threatened to put him in jail but......when we were getting our passports for our honeymoon we were told he had to get his arrears under $2000 in order for him to be granted a passport. Luckily the settlement from the car accident finally came through and that took care of the debt.

If you put them in jail they can't pay. If you take their license they can't get to work to make $$ to pay. Seems like a lose/lose to me.

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myfampg.... I'm not one to harp on getting more money. I just want the dad's and in my ss case... his mom to pay their support on time every time. My oldest son's dad had a second job for a long time. He also has a much better job now. That son will be 16 next month and his order was established in 2000 as well and I've never returned for a review. I am not a money hungry B word as sperm donor calls me. I just want them to take care of their responsibility. Here in my state I could actually get a review every two years. I have chosen not to. There was one time when my 16 year old son's dad's wife and I got into it and he took her side and started yelling at me pretty hard core.... I threatened him with it then. The next day he walked up to me and apologized. Then a couple years ago my son's braces were due to come off and I had paid ALL of my portion of the fees, all that was left was his dad's fees and his dad's insurance portion. His step mom had kept the insurance money so they still owed that $1500 to the orthodontist. The orthodontist threatened to take us all to court. I called and complained and told them to go after him. In the end I ended up paying his fees but NOT the insurance portion. I told them they got the money they owed it. Not me. They agreed and have been on that dad since. I also could not get him to give me the money for the braces.... actually I'm still waiting. I did at that time ask for it to go to court and get a review. Because it involved medical expenses the child support office said I was on my own.... but he had a lawyer so I dropped it. BUT I threatened him that if I didn't start receiveing money as soon as the orthodontist was paid off then I'd hire a lawyer and ask for lawyer fees as well. I know that I'm way to easy on him but for the most part he's a good dad and that's really all I want.....

Now....sperm donor on the other hand... this is the father of ds11. I HATE HATE HATE HATE him for leaving us and abandoning my son. I HATE what he is. I am NOT easy on him but all this time I haven't been getting ANY money so I didn't see the point in trying to get an order for more. BUT... I am this time. The request is going out today.

Jens..... The point of jail is when a dead beat pos isn't even bothering to attempt to try, his lisence has been suspended already...Yes, they have to get there but he wasn't working anyway... he quit EVERYTIME he got garnished. It doesn't really matter if he has a lisence or not... he still drives. He wasn't paying, he also got arrested for battery and he failed drug screens. Plus more nonpayment of support. Eventually there isn't anything more you can do to someone to get the point across. He wasn't working he was just producing more babies, doing drugs and being a burden on society anyway. I know that while he's there he can't pay but his weekly support should accrue to the arrearages, it's only fair to the kid.

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I wonder if some sort of work release would be a better program.

My DD's bio-dad (sooooo glad he is 100% uninvolved!) got a second DWI a few years ago and I know that he was in a jail work-release program. He basically worked during the day but had to report to jail each evening.

He was NOT allowed to drive---lost his license b/c of the DWI---so he had to have someone pick him up every morning and drop him back off at jail each night.

I think he did that for 6 months or something as part of a reduced/suspended sentence.

I think something like THAT would be a better option in child support cases! Then the person is still working/paying child support but being held accountable.

Be careful, though, in phrasing things as noncustodial. I will tell you my BEEF.

DH has RESIDENTIAL CUSTODY of SS. BM and DH share joint physical and joint legal custody, but on the parenting plan, DH is listed as "residential parent."

BUT BM collected welfare benefits on SS for several years and lied---shocker--to the state, saying she didn't know where DH was. Which was a load of you-know-what b/c DH has always had his son HALF the time!

Anyway, after about 2.5 yrs of this, the state came after DH! He had to get an attorney and go to court b/c the state was saying HE owed all this money in support that had been paid to BM.

It was all rolled into one deal and BM ended being awarded $250/month in child support. That's nothing, BUT she should not have gotten anything BECAUSE of their joint custody agreement. The only reason she got it was because a) her income was ZERO and b) because the STATE wanted to be paid back.

That $250/month goes directly to the state, BM does not get any of it. (I think once the balance she accrued with the state is paid off, she would get it, but that will take forever.)

BUT what annoys me is---each time DH gets a receipt or whatever, it has him listed as the NONCUSTODIAL PARENT.

Which he is NOT.

But the child support order through the WELFARE office is different than an order through the courts. I mean, it is court enforcible, but it was put in place BY the state because of benefits BM collected.

It really is DH's fault. He should have gone to court the second he and BM split up rather than trusting her and working it out without any legal backup.

It's really complicated and really annoying. And I know it's just a stupid word but everytime I see BM listed as "custodial" and DH listed as "noncustodial" I want to scream.

DH has SS AS MUCH of the time as BM and always has! GRRRRRR.

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Mom of 3 -- I'm not saying be a money hungry B but you said yourself. You want them to step up and be responsible for their kids. But if they aren't paying the % that is set by the state, they aren't stepping up and taking responsibility. I found out during a visitation hearing that BD was only paying me 15%. I told my attorney, it's ok just leave it. What he pays provides child care (nothing more) but I was happy with it. The judge calculated it and changed it $280 more a month.. I said I didn't want the increase because I didn't want the fight but the judge said NO! The law is 20% plus medical and so by law she has an obligation to make him pay 20%. I'm not saying to go after him and I applaud you for not caring how much they pay as long as they pay something... But in the end, if they aren't providing the % they are required, they aren't providing at all. And they wouldn't pay the orthodontist... Raising the support would make it to where you didn't need him to pay his portion. He isn't paying his portion now. My ex never reimburses for medical so I stopped sending him the receipts. It's not worth the effort and the postage. So I guess I let him off his responsibility by not requesting reimbursement.

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So.... here's the thing. I cannot get ahold of this pos because he's in jail. I was VERY upset. So... I called his father and left him a voicemail. I also texted mom number 2 because I thought we got along ok. Apparently I was wrong. I just received a phone call from his pos sister. They constantly protect sperm donor because he's "the baby"... even though he's 30 years old. NO ONE had my number except mom number 2. I blocked the number when I called his dad. His sister asked if it was me.. I said no... she then said "I believe it is and you better leave sperm donor alone".... I then hung up and am on hold with Verizon to try to block restricted calls. I am so tired of these white trash people thinking I'm the one who is to blame for him not taking care of his responsibilities. I was litterally texting back and forth for 5 1/2 hours after he was arrested the first time with his sister. I continued to tell her to leave me alone but she just wouldn't. The man has 5 kids by 4 moms and doesn't take care of one of them. Why the hell am I to blame for this? Oh.... I'm so tired of these people. I cannot believe my wonderful little boy has these people's blood. I'm so glad he doesn't know them.

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ok.... I sent sperm donor's family a message with my fake facebook person. I told them who I was... I won't use my real one because I've blocked them. They would cause me too much trouble. Anyway.... They've been trying to call me and give me trouble about him being in jail and me pursing a higher order. I just checked my fake account to see if anyone had responded to my message about leaving me alone and I checked the one sister's wall. On June 14 she stated "To the crazy B*&$# who thinks she knows everything, get back on your bi polar meds momof3_stepof1".... She used my entire real name. Now... I am NOT bipolar!!!! She also had 5 comments and a like. So... people have seen this. I am shaking sooooo bad right now!!! I know immamommy just took someone to court over this kind of thing. I need advice on how to get this to court or have her punished in some way shape or form. I am sick to death of these people blaming me for what this low life bottom feeder has done to me and my child. My sister is a state police officer and I'm staying the weekend with her. Starting today. She can't file anything for family... but I will ask her... but if anyone else knows anything I'd love to hear it.

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It might be best just to leave the other family alone as far as communicating. You know where Dad is (jail) There is just too much of a chance of them squealling 'harrassment' on you as you on them with all the calls and messages. Dad's not going anywhere for the time being and YOU did not put him there, court did.

While yes, I would want my true name off the FB, I think you may have provoked the issue by going on theirs and telling them who you were...I'm not sure, but it might be able to be said you provoked the inccident. Just having it removed/deleted may be the best you could get.

I really get your frustration and anger. It's not your fault their jerk likes to keep populating the world without any intentions of supporting what he produces. How ridiculous to treat you as if you're the evil one picking on the poor guy and to blame you for his unresponsible ways...but it just might be best to leave all communication with these people alone and let your lawyer handle whatever has to be done.

It does not sound as if you're dealing with rational moral people who understand that when 'you make them you support them'. Instead of being angry he got put in jail as a last resort (nothing else worked) and blaming you for having the audacity of persuing child support...'normal' people would be ashamed to pieces that they raised such a low life scum. I think you're going to have to face the whole bunch may be just like him in attitude (perhaps even dangerous) and step back away from them as far as trying to do self communication.

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You sound bipolar to me, and every bit as trashy as the family involved. What kind of person calls the father of her child "sperm donor"? you chose him. I cant imagine how that makes your child feel since the child is part of both of u

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Shes angry raisin. And I'm sure she doesn't call him that in front of her child ... She is on an annonomous forum... Venting. And she had a right to be angry. He doesn't support the children he created. And he is a 'sperm donor' since all he did was donate his sperm to create life and then washed his hands.

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JMT... I didn't send them the facebook message till a couple days after she posted that wall comment. I just didn't see it before.

Thanks myfampg for understanding!

Raisinbran, I think you are a jerk! You registered on the day you left this comment just to be a judgemental jerk. My child has NEVER heard me call him that and even if he did he wouldn't have a clue who I was talking about. He hasn't seen him for 10 years. Not seeing or paying for your child for 10 years does not make you a father... it makes you a sperm donor. I am FAR FAR from trashy. I have been married to the same man for almost 10 years. I don't wear anything close to revealing, even my swimsuit is a tankini with a skirt bottom..... and I'm 5'7" and 130... so I'm not fat. I live in a house that's worth at least $150000, I work 40 hours a week as does my husband... both of us sometimes more. Our house is clean, I don't use bad language, my kids get almost all A's. I rarely drink, I don't smoke, I've NEVER done drugs. My kids are very active and I attend everything I can... have to split stuff up between 4 kids. My kids have a bedtime and we eat family dinners. I have an associates degree in business. My dh is ex military. I have only one small tatoo on my abdomen that no one sees. I don't know what else to say that would prove to you that I'm a normal person who tries hard. NOT trashy. FAR FAR from trashy. In fact... when I had to do a deposition for sperm donor.... I showed up in a business suit, well made up. HIS lawyer came out to get me... looked around the room.... looked confused, walked up to me and asked "momof3?"... He was so confused because I DO NOT look like sperm donor's type. It was a brief slip of judgement on my part a LONG time ago. I shouldn't have to be continually punished because of that. I love my son and my son is far from what that family is.

Now Raisbran... disappear from this forum before you piss off to many people.

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One more thing Raisinbran.... I don't think you understand the definition of bipolar.

People with bipolar disorder type I have had at least one fully manic episode with periods of major depression. In the past, bipolar disorder type I was called manic depression.

People with bipolar disorder type II have never experienced full-fledged mania. Instead they experience periods of hypomania (elevated levels of energy and impulsiveness that are not as extreme as the symptoms of mania). These hypomanic periods alternate with episodes of depression.

A mild form of bipolar disorder called cyclothymia involves less severe mood swings with alternating periods of hypomania and mild depression. People with bipolar disorder type II or cyclothymia may be misdiagnosed as having depression alone.

That is the definition. I clearly don't have that... and based on this one thread you cannot obviously say that I am. I am VERY upset that someone doesn't own up to what they've created... a life... a life that needs things... things cost money. Get a clue. Are you a man? Or are you a sister/wife of a man who is this same way? Sounds like it.

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Mom of 3 don't let that get to you. We call them trolls.
One comment on the day they register and attack instead of give advice=troll.

I understand you because 1. I have a sperm donor that walked away from me when I was 2 years old and he never looked back 2. I have a stepfather who never had children of his own yet somehow had 'paternal' instinct to unconditionally love another man's children selflessly. 3. My brother is a sperm donor. He is an exceptional father but not to his first born.
Some people get really defensive over the title because it hits home.

You go right on girl! You have many reason to be pissed and you owe no one an explanation.

Do trashy people have Internet access? Lol

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Thank you myfampg!! It really helps having someone understand.

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Well.... sperm donor's sister posted a nasty comment on fb about me... wouldn't take it off. Then brother's wife commented and it was pretty nasty as well. I couldn't take it anymore so I officially filed a police report for harrassment. All done.... now if they say anymore it'll be more on them. HAHA!!

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I would stay away from this people, no posting anything anywhere and not having any communication at all. hopefully harassment charges would stop them and you should never have any contact with them

momof3, I found your comment about your weight funny, like you are not trashy (and i am not saying you are) because you are 130 and 5'7". So if one is not fat they are not trashy, those that are fat must be then? LOL actually a good friend of mine is heavy, sophisticated person though. There are plenty of skinny trash and heavy intelligent people. I had morbidly obesed professor at graduate school, he certainly was not trash (made fun of his weight LOL). I have never thought that excessive weight makes one trashy???? I don't think you need to prove anything here, who is that raisinbran, but it was just hilarious what evidence you brought up.

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I wasn't saying heavy was trashy at all.... I said that I'm 5'7 and 130... AND I NEVER wear anything revealing. Meaning that some people with my stature DO wear things that are inappropriate. I Do not. Even my bathing suit is a tankini with a skirt. That's what I meant about trashy... people who wear things that are trashy and revealing. You took that out of context.

I have not had any contact with them other then to tell them I was filing harrassment charges if they didn't remove the post. They didn't I filed. They have not been contacted by me... they have been contacted by the police.

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"I called his father and left him a voicemail."
" I also texted mom number 2 because I thought we got along ok. Apparently I was wrong." "I just received a phone call from his pos sister." (how does she know your number?)"I was litterally texting back and forth for 5 1/2 hours after he was arrested the first time with his sister. I continued to tell her to leave me alone but she just wouldn't." "I sent sperm donor's family a message with my fake facebook person. I told them who I was."

momof3, i am just going by what you said. you've been calling, texting, posting on facebook, even 5.5 hours of texting (???). if you want people to leave you alone you do not post anything, do not call and do not text. if these people were involved with your son, I could understand it, but you said they do not even know him, so why talking to them?

I suggest you do not communicate with them at all at no times.

if they are charged with harassment, they are going to show number of texts, posts and phone calls coming from you, as well as 5 hours of texting, it is not going to look good. it will look like you engage them as much as they engage you.

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OMG, seriously, if you want to say anything to PO1 on this forum you need to go slooooowwwww..... I haven't contacted them since the middle of June when I first got my notice of court in the mail... that he wants to lower support to $0.... except to ask that they leave me alone (after they called me.... have NO idea how they got my number!!!!!!), then to ask for them to remove fb post about me. I was told by the police department I HAD to do these things FIRST before I could file report. I did. Then I went to police department and filed report. Police officer told me I was fine because in my very last contact with them I simply told them to leave me alone. I counted... I told them twice. Police office told me it was just fine if I used strong language. Which, yes, I did. Yes, I called when I was upset... then they called and I hung up. Then I used fb to tell them to leave me alone after they called me. They used fb to harrass me, I told them to remove, they didn't, I filed report. No more contact..... since like June 16. OK? Got it?

How did it turn from me being not trashy because I'm not fat... even thought that's totally not what I said to me contacting them repeatedly? Not so... infact.... I can see that sister-in-law posted on fb just yesterday about me again. I didn't contact her again... but that's another print off for the harrassment charges. OK?

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Your ex's family are crazy, no question about that, I simply suggested to cut any contact with them, I don't know why you are so upset. June 16th is very recent, but dates no matter. I just thought that you might want to cut all contacts, no matter what he does or what they do, or if it is one phone call or 5 hours of texting, just never any contact at all. I think there were other people suggesting the same. You do what you want though.

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Hey... just an update here. The last contact what-so-ever from me to them was June 16. I sent a fb message telling one of them I had filed a harrassment charge at the police station, that's all I said that day. TODAY... one of his family members called me and blocked their number. Since he's been in jail I have gotten a new number. I have no clue how they got it. Anyway, she called me and asked if it was me... I should've said no but just asked who it was. It was the brother's wife. She began speaking and I just simply stated "I'm at work and not speaking to you" and hung up. I then sent an email to the officer with my file. (We have to record every event for a case)

Just wanted you all to know how I handled this. AND it's NOT me contacting them. I think I did well. It shook me up though.

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good job! hopefully it will teach them a lesson to leave you alone, they need to get a life

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