Removing @!!*& Storm Sash

zootjsMarch 28, 2009


This must be simple,but maybe I'm being simple.... Does anyone know how to remove the storm sashes from this type of window? It would seem that the rail on the side, holding the storm in place, would come out, but jiggle it as best I can, it doesn't, and it is preventing me from slipping the storm out.

I'm talking about the vertical white thing on the left, with the rounded top-right corner. I assume that needs to come out, for this procedure to happen.

Note: I'm not a complete nincompoop with windows. Why, I've likely removed sashes from maybe fifty windows, in my life. But this one has me stumped.


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Can you push the vertical round thing in? This looks like my window, all you have to do is pull the two plastic tabs towards the inside of the window and then pull it towards you with your fingers in the tabs. Be careful don't get hostile with it, I don't want you to cut yourself.

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Thank you for posting.

It doesn't forward, unfortunately. There's a little lip that prevents it from doing that. It looks likely the only possible way it could move is up, but it doesn't do that either.


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There are so many different S/W designs today.

The most common S/W glass removal is to put your fingers in the holes aand slide the left and right clips towards the center to release the glass frame from the track.

But that doesn't always work.

Some style S/W's have side pins attached directly to the glass frame. If you have these, you'll need to slide the clips to the center as described above and do not pull the glass towards you. First you have to slide the sash frame up to align its' pin with the cut-out on the storm window frame. Once aligned, pull the sash towards you, tilt a little bit and its' out.

There is one more possibility, some S/W are lifted up a couple of inches. Then you push the glass sash to the left and the right side pops out. Although this type is not common, they are out there.

From your photo, it doesn't look like the S/W sashes are hitting the inside Wood window as you attempt to pull the glass towards you, so one of these three ideas should work.

Good luck,

The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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