Recesssed lighting in grid pattern

lynxeAugust 22, 2013

"But I always lay it out in a grid rather than put it all at "point of service".....I think it tends to disappear more when placed in a regular pattern."

pal, those are your comments from the thread on trendy things we want. If you don't mind, I'd really like to see some examples of what you're talking about. Even one example will do. We need to redo our kitchen lighting, and we think some recessed lighting would be a good idea. But where, exactly, to have it placed is another question.

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I don't photograph things that show too much ceiling but I did find this distorted by wide angle image.

I didn't design this kitchen: I was hired to consult re: specific issues with some construction details and electrical layout.

The original plan had recessed cans centered over the ovens, centered in front of the fridge, centered over the cooktop, centered over the sink, and then the pendant lighting. Since all of those things have different widths --(the ovens, the fridge, the cooktop and the sink area)--

the cans were at random distances from each other all over the ceiling.

I figured out three rows of lighting, two evenly spaced down each counter run and one row down the middle centered over the island that has a can at each end and the pendants down the middle.

We tried a layout with one more can in each row but it seemed like too much, even though technically it got closer to one over the oven and one over the fridge that way.

This is a dining room and these clients wanted a lot of recessed lighting, but likewise the electrician wanted to center one over each closet, center one over the opening side of the slider, and put a couple more at the near end and ignore the placement of the center pendant altogether:

And here is an extreme example of purely functional placement with random distances between. I think it would be less noticeable in a grid pattern, even with (almost) the same number of cans.

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Thanks so much, pal. This really helps.

You've posted that last pic previously. Ouch. It almost gives me a headache. I think the pattern in the DR (2nd pic) is very elegant.

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As one who actually cooks, I wanted lighting in specific task areas ( as described in pal's reply) when we remodeled our kitchen 8 years ago. Pal's suggestion for the grid pattern for your kitchen may not work for YOU if task lighting is important, especially if you aren't able/don't choose to use under cabinet lights. Just something for you to consider in your lighting plan.

We used a cable system instead.

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The pendant isn't up yet in this picture, we also wanted to keep the lighting away from that soffit which is one of those things you can't always avoid with masonry party walls.

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Usually if the grid is spaced well enough it doesn't matter if it is centered exactly overhead or off to one side a few inches. It depends on the photometrics of the fixture/bulb as well.

I've also been asked not to center directly over an area by some clients because they felt they cast a shadow if the fixture was right over their head, based on what they currently had.

I don't think I've designed a kitchen for someone who didn't "actually cook", so I'm not sure if that is a dig or not. I have taken courses on residential lighting, so this grid idea isn't something I pulled out of thin air.

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OMG, so sorry for the snarky tone of my post. That was not my intention at all! I intended to offer another POV.

Pal, as a frequent lurker, I really respect and enjoy your thoughtful and educational (to me:-) posts.

I had challenges in our 50 yr old ranch-beams, areas where I chose not to use uppers, etc. and preferred not to use cans. When I found the cable system, it was a great solution for ME. Plus, I like to modern edge it gives to my space.

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Ah, sorry, it is hard to read intent sometimes.

I think the cable lighting is a really good option because keeps the ceiling looking clean and uninterrupted. It can look good in contemporary houses but also old houses where you don't want to disturb an old ceiling or interfere with a plaster design.

I like the diamond quilted backsplash. I don't know where you are located but diamond quilted stainless was popular for several decades as replacement windowsills on the exterior of houses in a nearby neighborhood, so I have a soft spot for it. ( I don't know that I would do it on the outside of a house, but I might keep it if I bought one that had it. )

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