Overwhelmed by Blue

colo_g8rAugust 18, 2013

We just bought (well, as of this coming Tuesday) a condo in the mountains. Our primary use will be personal so I want to make it my own. Everything in the condo is currently blue...blue paint, blue carpet, blue couch. My husband's first comment when we walked in was "We're going to need a LOT of paint." We are also going to replace the carpet...and eventually the tile.

I know that I want to go with warm brown tones to give it more of a "mountain lodge" feel. We are going to head over to look at some BM color options. I'm looking for suggestions.

We will eventually do some sort of thin rock on the fireplace wall but that will be off in the future. In the meantime, I'm thinking a different (maybe darker) color from the rest of the walls.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against blue but it just looks out of place. Thanks in advance for looking!

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Oh, and the couch will be gone as soon as we paint. I found a fantastic deal on CL that will look great. I wanted to also post a picture of the tile. It photographs much better than it looks in person. I don't think the camera quite catches all the shades of mauve, purple and blue that are there. I asked my husband if he thought the tile would look any better after we paint. His simple answer: "No".

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I agree that color is too "pretty" for a lodge. I would use a more masculine color and add a feminine touch with accessories and patterns. It doesn't seem like you have a lot of natural light. I don't know if you would be happy with a dark color. Maybe a medium light color. I use SW and can't help with BM.

The tile looks ok. Maybe be careful when picking the paint color that it doesn't compete with the tile. You might be able to make the tile disappear and use you money to build up the fireplace. I don't know how limited your budget is.

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I'd pick a light beige from the tile (not the pinkish shade). Perhaps sample Manchester Tan.

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If you do the walls in a tan from the tile, it will turn the blues and mauves into less dominant accents colors.

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Thanks! I will take a look at Manchester Tan. We picked up some paint pots and painted quite a few boards to take up next weekend.

Faux68...there is actually quite a bit of natural light once we open the vertical blinds (another item on the hit list). Here is another angle of the room.

You guys are giving me hope that we might be able to work around the tile. I would love to see it fade away. One thing that isn't apparent in the photo is that the tile is glossy. The pictures of it make it look like a flat or matte finish on the tile.

In previewing this post, I realized that the couch is repositioned. The original photo I posted was from the real estate listing. The other pictures are ones that we took during the inspection.

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Wow- the view is breathtaking. It didn't look like a mountain retreat until you showed the picture with the blinds open. They definately have to go, or be left open all the time you are there. I would have my chair set up to look out the window and wouldn't care what the rest of the room looked like! Although I do agree that a warm beige may help to tone down all the blue. I am super jealous. Congrats on your purchase.

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Oh! There is a lot of light and what a view!

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What's the new couch going to look like?

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Not sure if you will be leaving the tv cabinet as is, but even so you could make/have made, or maybe find ready made a bench cushion for the part of the tile that isn't in front of the fireplace. It would provide extra seating (when not watching tv) and cover up a good deal of the tile.

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Thanks all! The view is what made us look past all the décor.

countryatheart...I am not a vertical blind fan in the first place and these are a light mauve color. They will come down as soon as my other priorities are done!

nosoccermom...The couch is a brown leather base, with brown fabric cushion that also have a mountain/southwestern feel to them. I don't intend to go southwestern with the décor but the colors in the couch really have a mountain lodge feel to them.

olychick...I love that idea! That would certainly minimize the amount of the tile visible in that area.

I just can't wait to get up there this weekend and get started on de-bluing the place!

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