Diamond Window, standard with any company?

redheadeddaughterMarch 28, 2014

Hi, We've been pricing windows for months now and have about 60+ windows in our new construction home. We've priced Andersen WoodWright, Integrity, Milgard & JeldWen. So far the cheapest price by far is Home Depot coming in at around 45k for the WoodWright with 3 sets of A series french doors as well. (Just a note: the JeldWen vinyl product came back higher than the WoodWrights!) All have SDL's and all are tempered. (I included all that for other window shoppers... I know that info helped me immensely in narrowing down "who" to get quotes from). Sorry about all the white out marks... I'm experimenting with cottage sashes around the house. We are still looking however... but I think this is fun.

The problem I'm having is finding a diamond pattern double hung window for my pantry. I see them everywhere, but with Andersen, anyway, it's a custom order at around 3k for a dinky little window, top sash only, for 1 window!

Are my window sources not finding the diamond pattern in the computer software for Andersen or are they not offered with tempered maybe? I thought that the Tilt Wash had the diamond pattern (or alternately the Victoria/Queen Anne pattern) but everybody is quoting me a custom product for this space. I'm looking now for any wood window company that can provide that pattern (pretty much any diamond pattern (diagonal or straight with lines) standard or for under $700 anyway.

Ideas all knowing window gurus?

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e-series by Andersen offers that grill pattern. It is a custom but not at a crazy price point.

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Thanks kingspy!

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Thanks kingspy!

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Appears to be a extremely nice house from the looks of the partial elevation plans. Other than price why would you even be considering Jeld Wen windows?

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Thanks bpChill! Now I'm curious though about Jeld-Wen and would love to hear your thoughts. They look nice enough. The reason it was on our list was because our house designer actually specified the JeldWen wood windows. But the price was 20k over the WoodWrights, and I liked the WoodWright better (or the Integrity Wood/Ultrex). So we looked briefly at vinyl. With the sdl's there wasn't much cost savings there. A surprising amount of custom home builders use vinyl in this area though, and my favorite builder actually prefers to work with vinyl. He says the wood windows are a pain to install! ;) I'm also researching Sierra Pacific.

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The Ultrex is a good window - head and shoulders above the Jeld Wen.
Jeld Wen will not have the performance numbers compared to the Ultrex.

Not certain of the install issues with wood ( I leave that for the pros here), but in terms of maintenance and performance - a well built vinyl window will perform (efficiency wise) better than most wood windows.

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I'm not always a huge fan of Jeld Wen windows either, but remember they do offer different lines with different pricing and quality. For example their Custom line out of the Oregon plant is a very nice product. The Siteline EX and Traditions Plus lines can work just fine depending on the project. The do make a Builders Series that leaves a little to be desired.

Just like Andersen and Marvin they make different products for different customers.

Vinyl windows with SDLs will still likely be less expensive than wood windows, but they still look like vinyl which you'll need to be ok with.

As an aside, I have Andersen WoodWright 400 Series windows in my house and I'm not completely thrilled with them. I can feel a draft on cold days and I don't like it. I agree with the previous posted that a well build vinyl window will typically provide better ratings and a tighter seal.

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As far as Sierra Pacific, do not research them any further they are lower on the food chain then Jeldwen and I cannot recommend Jeldwen period.

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Out of the Woods Inc.- Window & Door Specialists

Kolbe and Marvin are top choices for anything wood related. Jeldwen a step down a little and Sierra Pacific way bellow that. That being said I believe that Kolbe has the best value as far as doing custom type options and still keeping the price reasonable.

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