Lincoln windows vs. Excalibur windows

ibelievetMarch 29, 2011

I need some advice here. I had a contractor put in several Lincoln windows in my home. They were supposed to have the energy rating to get the 30% tax credit by the end of 2010. He deceived me by getting my son to remove the stickers and he tried to order the correct stickers from the building company in order to make me think I had the right windows. I found out they did not qualify for the tax credit so I contacted the Attorney General's office and the contractor has lowered his cost quite a bit. My question is that I have a new contractor that told me to tell the Attorney General that I don't want the windows that were installed (as they weren't what I ordered) and that the new contractor would remove the windows and put in Excalibur windows which is what he installs. I have heard bad things about both Lincoln and Excalibur and don't know what to do. My other option would be to put storm windows on the Lincoln windows to bring them up to the energy rating that they should be and to also have the added protection. Could anyone please help me, I have no idea what to do and this has been going on now since August of 2010 and I want to get this taken care of, but I don't want to remove the Lincoln windows only to have the Excalibur give me more problems. Thank you.

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What type of window do you have (casement, double-hung)? Do you know what glass your windows have(there are different types of low-e)? Some Lincoln units will pass with 366-low-e & some will not. It is probably too late to receive the tax credit, however if the contractor will cover the money you lost on the tax credit, i would keep what you have. You could add storm panels or change the glass, but you must weigh the cost vs the energy savings.

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Thank you, they are .34 rating and they should have been .30 they are the low-e. It is too late to get the tax credit, but that is why I am going through the Attorney General's office. The contractor has come down on the price quite a bit for the windows since he knows he tried to deceive me by passing the windows off as the windows that qualified for the tax credit. I just don't know whether to keep these windows or go with the other contractor who wants to take these out and put in Excalibur which I hear are not that good of quality.

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