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garbird(zone6 KY)September 6, 2006

Does anyone here make drinkable meads? I have tried several different recipes and always come up with something simmilar to Listerine. I'm a beekeeper and a homebrewer and would like to try again to make a mead like the ones we get at some of the local microbrew establishments here in town, but have'nt found the magic so far. Anyone have any tips or great secret recipes to share with us? Please Let us know, Thanks, Garbird

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

Tasting like listerine sounds like a potential issue on sanitization, sitting on the lees too long or yeast fermentation temperatures but that's just a guess. Since you're a beekeeper and probably using your own honey (which sounds awesome!), you'll also have to take into account a short boil of the honey must to help remove any parts / pollen / etc. that didn't come out in the filtering process that could also be the source of some off flavors.

What kinds of mead (pure / show, cysers, metheglins, etc.) and levels of sweetness do you like in a mead? Based on your preferences, I've probably got several different recipes that would do. I've a homebrewer and meadmaker and have been doing it for over 10 years. I do blow up the occasional batch (braggots and I are not good friends ;) but overall they are very drinkable and I keep getting requests for many more bottles and flavors.

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