KINRO windows!

bookertMarch 22, 2008

Have a 5yr. old manufactured home with upgraded KINRO windows. What problems!! Needing to replace a few. One windows string and spring broke that never worked right even after paying to have someone with supposed knowledge install new parts!

Question, what replacement window ( vinyl low e glass) would be an affordable choice? I actually have another one of the same size that is coming apart that should be replaced as well! A few are such bears to close and some close so nicely! So much for the expensive upgrade!

Also, is there any harm if we tint some of these not so great windows since they are low e? We like to see the view, but want a bit of privacy when the lights are on.

Thanks much!

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As far as the privacy at night goes, I suggest new windows with blinds in between the glass or window treatments. I don't know the desired effect you're looking to create.
You can even get vinyl replacement windows with blinds in between the glass.
Most affordably are vinyl low E with argon gas replacement windows. There are many brands to choose from but they all look basically the same. I beleive whats in the choice is the reputation of the dealer, how long he has been in business and most importantly his installers.
DO some research in your area, look at some of their jobs and you'll be able to decide for yourself.

Good Luck

All the Best

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My ALbum

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I own a 2001 manufactured home with Kinro windows. My doorwall and 2 bedroom windows have broken seals on the windows. I live near Grand Rapids MI. Were can I find a service rep to service these windows.

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call a glass company they can order you new insulated glass units and replace them in the sash.

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I have a 2003 manufactured home with Kinro windows. One failed within 5 years (became all cloudy between the panes). This was within the warranty so Kinro sent me a new window which I had to pay to have installed. Since then and after the warranty expired, two more windows have done the same thing. The slider brackets on the sides of the windows that guides them up and down have failed in several of the windows and I have had to order new ones and install them. I was in my former house for 27 years and NEVER had a window fail. I would avoid these Kinro windows like the plague. I often wish I could afford to have all of the windows in the house replaced with another brand.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Post up some pictures of the failures. Perhaps there is something identify and point you in the right direction.

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I have a 2011 Oak Creek Mfg home from Ft. Worth with Kinro windows that are holding up well. I would like to bring to point; caulking around windows should be checked. I would have had serious water damage had I not correct issues relating to homes siding, caulking, priming, and painting. Tinting of a window will not negatively affect a windows performance but I agree most people install blinds or curtains.
It would be nice if Ester gave us a little incite to repair process and parts info. When it comes time I will be checking back. Good luck, Don

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Windows on Washington Ltd

That is bad application there to be perfectly honest.

You should never rely on a caulk joint if you can avoid it.

I would love to see a drip cap or Z-bar flashing there.

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Donnygo, tinting a window can be a bad idea depending on the glass makeup , assuming it is an insulated glass unit.

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