Question with mosaics

shasta_2008July 27, 2008

I'm usually on the garden site but decided to look at some projects while having some coffee. All of the mosaic pieces here are fabulous! I have alot of scrap glass I would like to use up and would like to know when making glass mosaics do you have to grind the edges?

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Shasta, some of the gals here do grind all their glass, I don't I use it as it breaks.

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I grind occassionally, depending on whether or not the edges and points cause concern for snagging someone's skin. I do tumble alot of pieces, but also smooth snags with my dremel or very fine wet/dry sandpaper. Just depends on how rough it feels before I grout.


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Hi and welcome! I tumble all my stained glass tesserae for about an hour to smooth the sharp edges. From what I have read, the sharp edges aren't supposed to be a problem because the grout should come all the way up to the top edge but in real life, I have seen many mosaics that have dangerously sharp edges. I also have a carborundum stone (kitchen sharpener) that I sometimes use to get rid of a point.

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I tumble when I can, and grind when I must. Grout just doesn't seem to come up high enough to protect hands from
the edges. I grout with my hands.. so it is a must for me
to have the edges smooth. Grinders run about $100, and a tumble about $30. Well worth it in my eyes/hands!lol!

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