Dry white wine for cooking

kteeSeptember 19, 2006

I don't drink wine, nor do I consume any type of alcoholic beverage. I am making turkey tenderloin scaloppine and it calls for dry white wine. Any suggestions? I have heard often about not using a wine in cooking tht you wouldn't drink from a cup...but for me this doesn't apply. Thanks...

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For that you want a wine with some acidity, not something sweet. Although you could use a marsala . . .

Anyway, a decent sauvignon blanc would work, as would a chenin blanc, or a pinot blanc or any number of Italian whites. You needn't spend a fortune, a decent sauvignon blanc from Washington's Columbia Crest would probably be around $7 or so and it would be fine. Or just bag the wine and use fresh lemon and some capers.

But you really ought to try the wine too.

Whatever you do, don't get those little bottles of "cooking wine" at the supermarket. Rather than that, use a decent balsamic vinegar or lemon juice to deglaze.

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Julia Child recommended keeping a bottle of dry white vermouth on hand for such purposes. It will keep far longer than a bottle of white wine if you don't intend to drink it. You can use the rest of the bottle for other recipes later on.

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cindyb_va(z7 VA)

The wine will add an underlying flavor to the dish, picking the right wine depends on what the other components of the sauce are.

Is the sauce butter/cream and fairly heavy or rich? Use a chardonnay. If it is very heavy, use a chardonnay aged in oak. Is the sauce light and fresh? If it is light and herby, use a sauv blanc, if it is light and fruity, fume blanc or pinot gris.

Generally, when recipes say use a wine that you would drink they are trying to discourage using wines specifically bottled as "cooking wines".

You can get a decent one for about $7/bottle. If you have leftover wine, you can freeze it in an ice cube tray, pop the cubes and store in the freezer. A good all purpose white wine for cooking is an unoaked (steel) chardonnay.

But I never have leftover wine, 'cause I drink it, LOL!

Hope this helps.

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