Polymer clay gloss/varnish/sealer

mermaidmosaicsJuly 21, 2008

I have been dissecting and soaking up Laurie Mika's book and notice she uses Sculpey glaze or varnish. Problem is I searched all over the internet, and it appears that Sculpey is doing away with that glaze and have something called studio sculpey, some folks say it isn't the same thing but company says it is. so..

question is what do any of you use to seal your clay projects?? That stuff is expensive for a single ounce or two. Thanks..

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You can tell it's Monday morning because I just looked through NT's tutorial and answered my own question. She uses Future floor varnish.. so going to look into that, anybody use anything else??

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I use Future, too. I think ...and I'm not real sure, that some use varathane (?) I think it's a varnish...but not a cheap alternative

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You and I are on the same page, so to speak Linda.
I am reading her book cover to cover.
I could kiss you for sending this to me!
I am compiling a list of questions, mostly about substitues.
Did you read where you can use eyeshadow instead of that Mica stuff?
I made a note of the floor wax.
Thanks ya'll.

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Hey Pat (Texas)
Isn't that book FANTASTIC, i don't think I have ever devoured a craft book like this. Yes, sadly thinking I just threw out all my old eye shadow that had been sitting around here for years!!

We have to thank Slow and NT and a few others for telling me about her book!! It just speaks to me. I made my first words today, not to bad will post with my WIP I'm making for my Mom.

I feel like I am back in kindergarden and loving it. Pat, I bought the word stamps from Delphi that NT uses in her tutorial, I can send you the link if you want. And SLow mentioned there are many other places to get different ones. Right now I am fighting another migraine or I would be posting the pix of my wip

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I use polyurethene to seal my tiles. I should say when I USED to make clay tiles. I just can't seem to get back into clay lately. I've forgotten where I used to order a lot of supplies, but here's one.
rubber stamps and other stuff

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Thanks Slow, I found that link and clipped one of your older messages when you gave that link and one for the mexican nicho's.

I am having fun with the clay but really need to practice, going to take awhile but it is fun. How come you stopped??

There really isn't enough time in the day to do everything is there? 'cept, I think you are doing mixed media mosaics anyway, with the Slow flair.

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