replacing window and alarm system

dgmarieMarch 5, 2009

(I thought I posted this but never saw the thread)

We need to replace one window in our home. The entire window unit.

My husband wants to NOT replace the window because the alarm system runs through the window. It is drilled through the frame with a magnetic button when the window closes. This was installed when the house was built, before drywall was put in. He is convinced the window cannot be replaced and the wiring re done.

I have to believe that when people put in new windows they don't abandon their alarm systems. What do installers do in this case? Can this window be replace and the alarm put back in?

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Yes it can be replace after a new window is installed. I would make sure you get an exemption on the warranty from the manufacturer b/c without it you may void any warranty due to "modifying" the window. Any competent installer should be able to do this for you or you can contact the company who installed the alarm and have them take care it.

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Thank you. The installer of the alarm system is unknown (was done by the builder three owners ago) however it is something we don't want to give up. This is good news.

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Get an alarm technician to reinstall the alarm after the window is installed. Carpenters are not always well versed with alarms and some will not touch it for liability reasons.

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Isn't wireless alarm an option in this case? We have similar problem, we had 20 windows replaced recently with Loewen all-wood windows. They look so beautiful after install that I am hesitant to drill any hole in the jamb to hook-up the alarm system. Instead, thinking of going wireless. Anybody has any experience with them?

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Yes, wireless is an option, but it does have its drawbacks:

1. You will now have to install exterior alarm "boxes" on all your new windows. Not very attractive.

2. The wireless system will require batteries in each window. They won't need to be replaced very often, but you will have to replace them or at least check them every once and a while

3. Cost. Instead of $5 per window for the materials you now have a $30 box to install on each. I'm not sure the cost for labor to drill the hole, but it is something to consider.

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