Peach Wine Looks Like Orange Juice

poecatSeptember 9, 2011

Help. This is my second batch of homemade wine. I made elderberry wine last month that turned out great. I now have some peach that I strained from the fermenting bucket into a carboy last night. It is still fermenting. It is so opaque that it looks like orange juice. Is this normal for peach? Is there hope that it will clear up? Thanks for any help/suggestions!

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Generally wine will be cloudy when 'working'. This will clear as the yeast works out and settles, racking will then remove it as sediment.
Did you use any pectin haze eliminator? Any 'fruit' wine will have a haze caused by the pectin in the fruit.

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

It won't clear until it has finished fermenting. If you did add pectic enzyme, even if it doesn't clear, you can just add a clearing agent, like chitosan, when it has finished, before bottling.

If you omitted the pectic enzyme, you will have to put it in and let it work before it will clear. It might take awhile.

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Thanks. I did not use any pectic enzyme? It has stopped fermentation. I have put it in jars to clear. It looks better. I think I am just being impatient.

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