Break double into single pane?

edspothMarch 9, 2010

I have double pane windows in a sun porch that have broken seals and are completely fogged up. Rather than having 12 replacement double pane windows installed at a cost of $80/window, I was wondering if it was possible to just break/remove the inner pane of glass on each window. I don't need the windows to be insulated in this porch, but I do need them to be clear. Any technical issues to doing this, or suggestions on the easiest way to do it without breaking the second pane as well? Thanks in advance.

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This will not work. The double pane window is about 5/8 to 3/4" thick. The thickness is held in place by the glazing stop. you would have to do something else to hold one pane in. Breaking one pane and trying to remove it may also pull the sealing from between the pains. This will be a mess.

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Actually I've done exactly what you are talking about with a fogged up window and in my case it worked. I used a drill bit for glass and slowly drilled into the first layer and applied pressure until it broke. I removed only the glass (yes, it was tricky and some small pieces are stuck around the edges) and the seal broke with little beads going everywhere. If you're looking for a super cheapo way of having clear windows it can be done.

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Do not do this as you have proposed. You are going to create a larger issue.

Keep the double pane aspect of the window and drill small breather holes in the window (top and bottom). This will provide enough air circulation to prevent the condensation.

There are companies that provide this service and clean the window insider surface at the same time. They provide some sort of guarantee with this work.

As a side note, I have no affiliation with these companies but I have heard that they work.

Google "Glass Guru"

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Guru

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