Has anyone ever made Blueberry Wine.

bushladySeptember 27, 2006

Just as wondering if anyone has ever made Blueberry Wine? I had made some years ago. I think that we used 6 or 7, 4 qt. baskets. For a 5 gallon wine bottle. And the sugar of coarse.

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berk(6 MO)

Yes, my husband and I have made blueberry wine. We make 5 gallons at a time of all the wine we make and it is all dry wine. My husband likes the wine we make but I like sweet wine.
We use about 25lbs. of fruit for 5 gallons.
Have you ever checked out www.winemaking.jackkeller.net, it is full of recipes and information.

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fedup321(7 NC)

I put on a 7 Gallon carboy about a month ago. Used 4 Gal. of berry's. I make it to be sweet by the method I posted earlier on this forum.

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Hi Berk: No I never have checked out the site you mentioned. But I am sure going to do that now. Thanks.

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berk(6 MO)

I am sure you will enjoy it.
I have others bookmarked to if your interested.

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