The Guardian II Stained Glass Window (GOG)

addiesueJuly 31, 2010

Good morning my lovely Gardenweb family & friends! I hope everyone is doing well....I don't know about you but I am about to melt away here in Oklahoma. I am SO ready for some cooler weather! I wanted to share my latest stained glass window with you. It is titled The Guardian II and measures approx. 33x24". I had a request for one similar to the first one I made and just got it finished this guys are the first to see it.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Guardian II

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It is truly gorgeous addie and I so love the frame! Ive said before that one has a special place for me because of the picture that hung over my bed as a child, Im sure some others feel the same.

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I just love it the colors are so vivaed .So true to real if you know what I mean .Yes I had one in my room also .I so love this seen .

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So lovely. Put the image on pause and examine the background detail. Looks like a meticulously pieced quilt. I wish I could watch you cut your tess. Always love the shapes. Truly talented.

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Very Pretty!!! Great Job! Love all the colors! Someone is going to be veeerrry happy!

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of the wonderful comments. And Slow...maybe some day I cam drop by and we can sip tea in your lovely garden and then we can cut some glass/ I know that sounds boring to some but it sounds like a perfectly wonderful time to me! I delivered this pic Wed with a several business cards so I'm hoping I get some more orders.


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What a wonderful day that w/be, ADDIE: We could run down and visit FLAG too. I saw her new stuff yesterday, and everything is so magical in her wonderful paradise gardens. Where do you live?

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Just beautiful Addiesue.

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Holy smokes....absolutely breathtaking , Im inspired
thank you !!!!

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OMG....that is beautiful! The colors are breath taking & love the way she watches over the children. Love the frame too.

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