Uh Oh - New to Mosaic

keanaz5aJuly 29, 2010

I did my first mosaic recently. I did a large clay pot with dish shards. It turned out nice IMO. Now, I found this site and am reading and think I may have screwed it up. Was I supposed to seal the clay pot first? I used premixed tile adhesive and sanded grout, but did not seal anything first. Wouldn't the shards and adhesive "seal" the outside or no? Can I still salvage it if I seal the inside? I hope I haven't ruined it. Thanks.

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I'm afraid that the pre-mixed adhesive won't hold on your pot unless you use it as a container for another potted plant for interior use only. If I wanted to salvage it, I'd line the inside of the pot w/plastic, and set another potted plant inside. I have three mosaiced containers inside my house that I use this way - putting in a plastic bag to hold my plant, and don't plant directly into the mosaiced container. Even using cement-based adhesives and sealers on some clay pots won't hold up long outside in some climates - speaking from experience. Pictures, please.

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Well so far slowmedown I have one thats been out a few years but was done with thin set.I do not plant directly in it .I have read where you can spray a tar like spray you can get at a car shop .I have not done this .Slow is right premix does not do good out side that I also know from experiences.

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I won't plant directly into a terra cotta mosaic pot ever again. I will continue to mosaic flower pots, but I will make sure I have a plastic liner inside them.

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I think I've mentioned b/f that some clay pots w/disintegrate in freezing weather whether or not they are mosaiced. I had one fall apart this past winter that was just painted. That's why it's important to make sure of the quality of your clay pot. This pot had been outside for about four years, and was painted w/oils, but the unusual low temps we had knocked out two pots - one mosaiced and just the painted one. On the other hand, I have two huge Mexican pots that I mosaiced w/o sealer, BTW, both are planted, and both are holding. Crossing my fingers - these pots are huge - by my swing patio.

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